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    TEN HAVE Henk
    HAVE Henk ten
    HAVE H. ten
    Département d'éthique, de philosophie et d'histoire de la médecine
    Faculté des Sciences Médicales
    Université Catholique de Nijmegen
    BP 9101
    6500 HB Nijmegen
    Tél: 31 (0) 24 3615320
    Fax: 31 (0) 24 3540254
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Approaches to ethics in medicine (extrait de l'ouvrage: Medizin, Ethik, Recht II : Beiträge des Postgradualen Lehrganges am Zentrum für Ethik und Medizin / KAMPITS Peter)

Consensus formation in healthcare ethics
    TEN HAVE Henk ; SASS Hans-Martin
    Kluwer , 1998, 256 p.
    Cote : 3.4/TEN/1998

    TEN HAVE Henk/ SASS Hans-Martin/ Introduction : Consensus formation in healthcare ethics
    Part I : Consensus formation and healthcare
    VEATCH Robert/ Ethical consensus formation in clinical cases
    SPICKER Stuart/ The process of coherence formation in healthcare ethics committees : The consensus process, social authority, and ethical judgments
    TEN HAVE Henk/ Consensus formation and healthcare policy
    Part II : Cultures and consensus formation
    WULFF Henrik/ Contemporary trends in healthcare ethics
    ZWART Hub/ Moral deliberation and moral warfare : Consensus formation in a pluralistic society
    SAKAI Akio/ Consensus formation in bioethical decisionmaking in Japan : Present contexts and future perspectives
    MULLAN COOK-DEEGAN Robert/ Finding a voice for bioethics in public policy : Federal initiatives in the United States, 1974-1991
    Part III : Consensus formation in practice
    DRANE James/ Decisionmaking and consensus formation in clinical ethics
    SASS Hans-Martin/ Action driven consensus formation
    FULFORD K.W.M./ Dissent and dissensus : The limits of consensus formation in psychiatry
    ALLERT Gebhart et al./ Consensus formation in genetic counseling : A complex process
    SPINSANTI Sandro/ Obtaining consent from the family : A horizon for clinical ethics
    HACKLER Chris/ Consensus and futility of treatment : Some policy suggestions
    DONCHIN Anne/ Shaping reproductive technology policy : The search for consensus

The Ethics of Genetic Screening

Ownership of the Human Body : Philosophical Considerations on the Use of the Human Body and its Parts in Healthcare

Professional autonomy in health care
    Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics , 2000, 21 (5), pp. 405-513

    JOCHEMSEN Henk/ TEN HAVE Henk/ The autonomy of the health professional : an introduction
    STUART HORNER J./ Autonomy in the medical profession in the United Kingdom - an historical perspective
    NYS Herman/ SCHOTSMAN Paul/ Professional autonomy in Belgium
    SACCHINI Dario/ ANTICO Leonardo/ The professional autonomy of the medical doctor in Italy
    HOOGLAND Jan/ JOCHEMSEN Henk/ Professional autonomy and the normative structure of medical practice
    POLDER Johan/ JOCHEMSEN Henk/ Professional autonomy in the health care system
    DUPUIS H.M./ Professional autonomy : a stumbling block for good medical practice. An analysis and interpretation
    TEN HAVE Henk/ Re-evaluating professional autonomy in health care

The Anthropological tradition in the Philosophy of Medicine
Article de revue

Medical ethics research between theory and practice
Article de revue

The concept of abnormality in medical genetics
Article de revue

Mieux comprendre les soins palliatifs en Europe
Article de revue

Genetics and culture : The geneticization thesis (suivi de:) Ethical boundary work : Geneticization, philosophy and the social sciences
Article de revue

Palliative care in Europe : Concepts and policies
    IOS Press , 2001, 154 p.
    Cote : 22.5.7/TEN/2001

    This book is the outcome of PALLIUM, an international research project started in March 1998, funded by the European Commission as part of the BIOMED II research framework.
    TEN HAVE Henk/ JANSSENS Rien/ 1. Introduction
    Part I. Conceptual issues in palliative care
    TEN HAVE Henk/ JANSSENS Rien/ 2. Palliative care in the Netherlands
    BROECKAERT Bert/ SCHOTSMANS Paul/ 3. Palliative care in Belgium
    ILLHARDT Franz Josef/ 4. Palliative care in Germany
    NUNEZ OLARTE Juan Manuel/ GRACIA Diego/ 5. Palliative care in Spain
    SANDMAN Lars/ 6. Palliative care in Sweden
    WOODS Simon et al./ 7. Palliative care in the United Kingdom
    PRIVITERA Salvatore/ 8. Palliative care in Italy
    Part II. Policy issues in palliative care
    ILLHARDT Franz Josef/ 9. Scope and demarcation of palliative care
    DEKKERS Wim/ 10. Coming home. On the goals of palliative care
    NAUCK Friedemann et al./ 11. The role of health care policy in the development and organisation of palliative medicine
    WOODS Simon/ 12. The contribution of nursing to the development of palliative care
    DI MOLA Giorgio/ 13. A new medicalisation of death ?

The Ethics of Palliative Care : European Perspectives

Articulating the concept of palliative care : Philosophical and theological perspectives
Article de revue

Bioethics in a European perspective
    TEN HAVE Henk ; GORDIJN Bert
    Kluwer , 2001, 543 p.
    Cote : 2.1/TEN/2001

    Part 1 : Foundations and history of bioethics
    GRACIA Diego/ History of medical ethics
    TEN HAVE Henk/ Theoretical models and approaches to ethics
    EVANS Martyn/ Case 1 : The autonomy of the patient : informed consent
    SCHEIRTON Linda/ Case 2 : The autonomy of the health care provider : advertising by health professionals
    Part 2 : Person and body
    DEKKERS Wim/ The human body
    EVANS Martyn/ What is a person ?
    KIELSTEIN Rita/ Case 3 : Transplantation medicine
    DEKKERS Wim/ Case 4 : Experimentation with human beings
    GORDIJN Bert/ Case 5 : Compulsory medical treatment
    Part 3 : Person and community
    GEFENAS Eugenijus/ Social justice and solidarity
    TEN HAVE Henk/ Choices in health care : waiting list, rationing and priorities
    MELLEY Christopher/ Health care ethics committees
    BLASSZAUER Bela/ Case 6 : Ethics and national borders
    TEN HAVE Henk/ Case 7 : Allocation of resources and personal responsibility
    ZWART Hub/ Case 8 : Consensus formation as a basic strategy in ethics
    Part 4 : Procreation and reproduction
    SCHOTSMANS Paul/ In vitro fertilisation and ethics
    GRACIA Diego/ Ethics, genetics, and human gene therapy
    CHADWICK Ruth/ Genetic interventions and personal identity
    TEN HAVE Henk/ Genetics and culture
    SCHOTSMANS Paul/ Case 9 : Prenatal testing for Huntington's disease
    GORDIJN Bert/ Case 10 : Abortion
    ELLOS William/ Case 11 : Embryo experimentation
    Part 5 : Suffering and death
    DEKKERS Wim/ Images of death and dying
    SZAWARSKI Zbigniew/ Terminal care and ethics
    ILLHARDT Franz Joseph/ Withholding and withdrawing treatment
    TEN HAVE Henk/ Euthanasia
    VERWEIJ Marcel/ Case 12 : Resuscitation policies
    JANSSENS Rien/ Case 13 : Pain management
    MORDACCI Roberto/ Case 14 : Comatose patients
    Part 6 : Practical information

Cybermedicine and e-ethics (Editorial)
Article de revue

Moral problems in palliative care journals
Article de revue

From what should we protect future generations : Germ-line therapy or genetic screening ?
Article de revue

Medicalization and obstetric care : An analysis of developments in Dutch midwifery
Article de revue

Moral problems in palliative care practice : A qualitative study
Article de revue

Ethical foundations of palliative care for Alzheimer disease
    PURTILO Ruth ; TEN HAVE Henk
    Johns Hopkins University Press , 2004, 368 p.
    Cote : 24.22/PUR/2004

    TEN HAVE Henk, PURTILO Ruth / Introduction : Historical overview of a current global challenge
    Part I. The health care challenge of Alzheimer disease : basic societal, pathological and clinical issues
    O'BRIEN Richard/ 1. Darkness cometh : personal, social and economic burdens of Alzheimer disease
    BRUMBACK Roger/ 2. Neuropathology and symptomatology in Alzheimer disease : implications for caregiving and competence
    BENNAHUM David/ 3. The clinical challenge of uncertain diagnosis and prognosis in patients with dementia
    Part II. European voices on U.S. and European models of palliative care
    TEN HAVE Henk/ 4. Expanding the scope of palliative care
    OLDE RIKKERT Marcel et al./ 5. Hospital-based palliative care and dementia, or what do we treat patients for and how do we do it ?
    BOITTE Pierre/ 6. Elderly persons with advanced demntia : an opportunity for a palliative culture in medicine
    Part III. Philosophical and theological explorations
    DEKKERS Wim/ 7. Autonomy and the lived body in cases of severe dementia
    LEE KISSELL Judith/ 8. The moral self as patient
    JANSSENS Rien/ 9. The practice of palliative care and the theory of medical ethics : Alzheimer disease as an example
    Part IV. Clinical ethics issues : focus on patients and caregivers
    WELIE Jos/ 10. The tendency of contemporary decision-making strategies to deny the condition of Alzheimer disease
    ELLENCHILD PINCH Winifred/ 11. Advance directives and end-of-life decision making in Alzheimer disease : practical challenges
    ILLHARDT Franz/ 12. Saying no to patients with Alzheimer disease : rethinking relations among personhood, autonomy, and world
    NORDENRAM Gunilla/ 13. The ethical challenge of treating pain in Alzheimer disease : a dental case
    GORDIJN Bert/ 14/ Alzheimer disease and euthanasia
    Part V. Organizational ethics issues : educational initiatives, laws, and allocation decisions
    FURLONG Elizabeth/ 15. The role of nurses and nursing education in the palliative care of patients and their families
    SCHEIRTON Linda/ 16. Ethical dimensions of Alzheimer disease decision making : the need for early patient and family education
    GEFENAS Eugenijus/ 17. Changing patterns of protection and care for incapacitated adults : perspectives from a European society in transition
    PURTILO Ruth/ 18. Social marginalization of persons with disability : justice considerations for Alzheimer disease
    JAVASHVILI Givi/ Commentary on Part V : A clinician's commentary from a post-Soviet society on organizational issues of care for Alzheimer disease
    Part VI. Research underpinnings for an ethical model of palliative care
    REYES Patricio/ 19. Biomedical research in Alzheimer disease
    HOLM Soren/ 20. Conducting research in the Alzheimer disease population : balancing individual, group, family and societal interests
    HADDAD Amy/ 21. Drugs and dementia : pharmacotherapy and decision making by primary caregivers
    Appendix A. The Declaration of Berg en Dal on ethical principles guiding palliative care of persons with Alzheimer disease
    Appendix B. Framework for an educational module for health professionals

Pressure and coercion in the care for the addicted : ethical perspectives
Article de revue

Ethics and the structures of health care in the European countries in transition : hospital ethics committees in Croatia
Article de revue
    British Medical Journal , 23/07/2005, 331 (7510), pp. 227-230
    Cote : 20.3/A 13

    ASHCROFT Richard/ Commentary : Ethics committees and countries in transition : a figleaf for structural violence ?
    MARUSIC Ana/ Commentary : Ethics in health care and research in European transition countries : reality and future prospects

Pragmatic approaches to genetic screening
Article de revue

Education of ethics committee members : experiences from Croatia
Article de revue

Death and medical power : an ethical analysis of Dutch euthanasia practice
    TEN HAVE Henk ; WELIE Jos
    Open University Press , 2005, 242 p.
    Cote : 22.7.6/TEN/2005

    * How have Dutch debates on end-of-life care developed so differently from most other countries, finally resulting in the legalization of euthanasia ?
    * What are the relevant legal, medical and ethical dimensions of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide ?
    * What lessons can be learned from the Dutch experience with euthanasia ?
    In all modern countries a good death and relief of suffering are important issues of public debate. The bioethical debate in the Netherlands is unique as it has been focusing on the issue of euthanasia for more than thirty years. This book describes the debate, explains its origins, and analyses its development, resulting in the legislation of euthanasia. It also presents data on the medical practice of euthanasia with examples of cases.
    The book details the evolution as well as the complexities of the legal responses to physician involvement in euthanasia. The authors analyses the ethical debate concerning euthanasia, discussing the pros and cons of medical termination of human life. The book concludes with a section on the lessons to be learned from the Dutch experience.

Master programme "Health, human rights and ethics" : A curriculum development experience at Andrija Stampar School of Public Health, Medical School, University of Zagreb
Article de revue

Unesco's Global Ethics Observatory

The activities of UNESCO in the area of ethics
Article de revue

Unesco(s Ethics Education Programme
Article de revue

Debating ethical expertise
Article de revue

UNESCO Global Ethics Observatory : database on ethics related legislation and guidelines
Article de revue

Nanotechnologies, éthique et politique
    TEN HAVE Henk
    Unesco , 2008, 264 p.
    Cote : 9.7/TEN/2008

    TEN HAVE Henk/ L'UNESCO, l'éthique et les technologies émergentes
    Première partie. Evolution scientifique
    SPANGLER ANDRADE Margareth/ Evolution des nanotechnologies
    LIU Jixing/ Les dernières avancées en nanotechnologie
    Partie II. Enjeux éthiques
    SCHUMMER Joachim/ Identifier les questions éthiques des nanotechnologies
    GORDIJN Bert/ Les questions éthiques en nanomédecine
    EVANS Donald/ Ethique, nanotechnologie et santé
    Partie III. Enjeux politiques
    COURT Erin et al./ La nanotechnologie et le monde en développement
    CHOI Kyunghee/ Participation du public et éducation pour l'éthique en nanotechnologie
    JEAN Michèle et al./ Evaluation précoce et décisions politiques

National Bioethics Council : a Brazilian proposal
Article de revue

The SAGE handbook of health care ethics : Core and emerging issues


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