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    HOLM Soren
    HOLM S.
    Institute of Medicine, Law and Bioethics
    University of Manchester
    Williamson Building
    Manchester M13 9PT
    Centre for Medical Ethics
    University of Oslo
    Tél: 44 161 275 7014
    Fax: 44 161 275 7704
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Attitudes to capital punishment : a comparison of Polish and Danish doctors
Article de revue

The future of human reproduction : Ethics, choice and regulation
    HARRIS John ; HOLM Soren
    Oxford University Press , 1998, 254 p.
    Cote : 14.1.1/HAR/1998

    HARRIS John/ 1. Rights and reproductive choice
    MORI Maurizio/ 2. On the concept of pre-embryo : The basis for a new "Copernician revolution" in the current view about human reproduction
    GLOVER Jonathan/ 3. Eugenics : Some lessons from the nazi experience
    BRAZIER Margaret/ 4. Reproductive rights : Feminism or patriarchy ?
    FOX Marie/ 5. A woman's right to choose ? A feminist critique
    BATEMAN NOVAES Simone/ SALEM Tania/ 6. Embedding the embryo
    BURLEY Justine/ 7. The price of eggs : Who should bear the costs of fertility treatments ?
    STEINBOCK Bonnie/ 8. Sperm as property
    ERIN Charles/ 9. Some comments on the ethics of consent to the use of ovarian tissue from aborted fetuses and dead women
    HOLM Soren/ 10. Ethical issues in pre-implantation diagnosis
    SEROUR Gamal/ 11. Reproductive choice : A Muslim perspective
    FISHER Fleur/ SOMMERVILLE Ann/ 12. To everything there is a season ? Are there medical grounds for refusing fertility treatment to older women ?
    WERT Guido de/ 13. The post-menopause : Playground for reproductive technology ? Some ethical reflections
    BEAUFORT Inez de/ 14. Letter from a post-menopausal mother

What do patients, their relatives and medical staff know about gene therapy ?
Article de revue

New governance arrangements for research ethics committees : is facilitating research achieved at the cost of participants' interest
Article de revue

Using empirical data
Article de revue

I want to live forever - A review of "Aging, death and human longevity : a philosophical inquiry" / C. Overall
Critique de livre

Direct-to-consumer advertising : should there be a free market in healthcare information ?
Article de revue

Self inflicted harm - NICE in ethical self destruct mode ? (suivi de:) Ethics and opportunity costs : have NICE grasped the ethics of priority setting ?
Article de revue

A paradox out of context : Harris and Holm on the precautionary principle (suivi de:) Reply to Sandin : The paradox of precaution is not dispelled by attention to context
Article de revue

Teaching old dogs new tricks : the role of analogies in bioethical analysis and argumentation concerning new technologies
Article de revue

High hopes and automatic escalators : a critique of some new arguments in bioethics
Article de revue

Analogical reasoning in handling emerging technologies : the case of umbilical cord blood biobanking (suivi de:) Open peer commentaries
Article de revue

Attitudes towards clinical research among cancer trial participants and non-participants : an interview study using a Grounded Theroy approach
Article de revue

Time to reconsider stem cell ethics - the importance of induced pluripotent cells
Article de revue

The research/non-research distinction - an unresolved problem in research ethics
Article de revue
    HOLM Soren
    Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics , 2007, 28 (3), pp. 153-256

    HOLM Soren/ A rose by any other name... Is the research/non-research distinction still important and relevant ?
    BORTOLOTTI Lisa et al./ Delimiting the concept of research : an ethical perspective
    CAVE E. et al./ Clinical audit and reform of the UK research ethics review system
    HOLM Soren et al./ Large scale surveys for policy formation and research - A study in inconsistency
    OHRSTROM Peter et al./ Ethical problems inherent in psychological research based on Internet communication as stored information
    HOFMANN Bjorn/ That's not science! The role of moral philosophy in the science/non-science divide

Assistive technology, telecare and people with intellectual disabilities : ethical considerations
Article de revue

Cutting through the surface : Philosophical approaches to bioethics
    Rodopi , 2009, 258 p.
    Cote : 2.1/TAK/2009

    1. What is bioethics and where should it be going ?
    2. How to do bioethics ?
    3. Dignity, precaution, and solidarity
    4. Tests and experiments
    5. Rationality, morality, and reproduction
    6. Philosophical responses to enhancements


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