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    MURRAY Thomas
    MURRAY Thomas H.
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Which Babies Shall Live ? Humanistic Dimensions of the Care of Imperiled Newborns

Medical ethics, moral philosophy and moral tradition
Article de revue

The Human Genome Project and the future of health care
    MURRAY Thomas ; ROTHSTEIN Mark ; MURRAY Robert
    Indiana University Press , 1996, 248 p.
    Cote : 15.5/MUR/1996

    MURRAY Thomas/ Introduction: The Human Genome Project and the future of health care
    JONSEN Albert/ 1. The impact of mapping the human genome on the patient-physician relationship
    RICCARDI Vincent/ 2. Educating clinicians about genetics
    POLVINO William/ ANDERSON French/ 3. Medicine, gene therapy and society
    NICKENS Herbert/ 4. The Genome Project and health services for minority populations
    BOBINSKI Mary Anne/ 5. Genetics and reproductive decision making
    MEHLMAN Maxwell/ 6. Access to the genome and federal entitlement programs
    STONE Deborah/ 7. The implications of the Human Genome Project for access to health insurance
    ASCH Adrienne/ 8. Genetics and employment : more disability discrimination
    DANIELS Norman/ 9. The Human Genome Project and the distribution of scarce medical resources
    MURRAY Robert/ 10. The Human Genome Project : Its impact on medical practice
    MURRAY Thomas/ 11. The genome and access to health care : Two key ethical issues
    ROTHSTEIN Mark/ 12. The genetic factor in health care reform : framing the policy debate

What are families for ? Getting to an ethics of reproductive technology
Article de revue
    MURRAY Thomas
    Hastings Center Report , 2002, 32 (3), pp. 41-45

    The standard approach to the ethics of reproductive technologies starts and ends with the parents'procreative liberty. There's much more to think about. We should start with the relationship between parents and children.

Ethical issues in tissue banking for research : The prospects and pitfalls of setting international standards
Article de revue

Improving end of life care : Why has it been so difficult ?
    JENNINGS Bruce ; KAEBNICK Gregory ; MURRAY Thomas
    Hastings Center Report , 12/2005, Supplement au 35 (6), pp. S1-S60

    CALLAHAN Daniel/ Death : "The distinguished thing"
    BURT Robert/ The end of autonomy
    LYNN Joanne/ Living long in fragile health : the new demographics shape end of life care
    NEVELOFF DUBLER Nancy/ Conflict and consensus at the end of life
    HICKMAN Susan et al./ Hope for the future : achieving the original intent of advance directives
    ASCH Adrienne/ Recognizing death while affirming life : can end of life reform uphold a disabled person's interest in continued life ?
    JOHNSON Sandra/ Making room for dying : end of life care in nursing homes
    FOLEY Kathleen/ The past and future of palliative care
    MEISEL Alan/ The role of litigation in end of life care : a reappraisal
    MURRAY Thomas et al./ The quest to reform end of life care : rethinking assumptions and setting new directions

Ethics, evidence, and cost in newborn screening
Article de revue

Deciphering genetics
Article de revue

Trust and integrity in biomedical research : The case of financial conflicts of interest


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