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    REHMANN-SUTTER Christoph
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Bioethics in cultural contexts : Reflections on methods and finitude
    REHMANN-SUTTER Christoph ; DUWELL Marcus ; MIETH Dietmar
    Springer , 2006, 384 p.
    Cote : 2.1/REH/2006

    I. Fundamental aspects
    JONSEN Albert/ 1. History and future of bioethics
    MIETH Dietmar/ 2. The need for ethical evaluation in biomedicine and biopolitics
    SITTER-LIVER Beat/ 3. Finitude - A neglected perspective in bioethics
    REHMANN-SUTTER Christoph/ 4. Limits of bioethics
    CASTIGNONE Silvana/ 5. The problem of limits of law in bioethical issues
    II. Classical approaches
    DUWELL Marcus/ 6. One moral principle or many ?
    SCHONE-SEIFERT Bettina/ 7. Dangers and merits of principlism : meta-theoretical reflections on the Beauchamp/Childress-approach to biomedical ethics
    FEUILLET LE MINTIER Brigitte/ 8. The journey from ethics to law : the case of euthanasia
    MORDACCI Roberto/ 9. Recognition and respect for persons : a personalistic interpretation of Kant's categorical imperative
    BEYLEVELD Deryck/ 10. Rationality in bioethics : reasonable adjudication in a life and death case of the separation of cojoined twins
    III. Culture and society
    CORTINA Adela/ 11. The public role of bioethics and the role of the public
    GRAUMANN Sigrid/ 12. Experts on bioethics in biopolitics
    WIESEMANN Claudia/ 13. The contribution of medical history to medical ethics : the case of brain death
    KRIZOVA Eva/ 14. Alternative medicine : a dispute on truth, power or money ?
    TISHCHENKO Pavel/ 15. Dimensions of cultural diversity of medical ethics
    IV. Body and identity
    WILS Jean-Pierre/ 16. Body, perception and identity
    LEACH SCULLY Jackie/ 17. Disabled embodiment and an ethic of care
    LESCH Walter/ 18. Coping with limits : two strategies and their anthropological and ethical implications
    V. Innovative modes of analysis
    HAIMES Erica/ 19. What can the social sciences contribute to the study of ethics ? Theoretical, empirical and substantive considerations
    KETTNER Matthias/ 20. Discourse ethics : Apel, Habermas, and beyond
    FEDER KITTAY Eva/ 21. The concept of care ethics in biomedicine : the case of disability
    RAPP Rayna/ 22. THe thick social matrix for bioethics : anthropologicel approaches
    HAKER Hille/ 23. Narrative bioethics

How reproductive and regenerative medicine meet in a Chinese fertility clinic. Interviews with women about the donation of embryos to stem cell research
Article de revue

Disclosure dilemmas : Ethics of genetic prognosis after the "right to know / not to know" debate


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