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    RHODES Rosamond
    Department of Medical Education
    Mount Sinai School of Medicine
    Box 1108
    One Gustave Levy Place
    New York, NY 10029-6574
    Tél: 212 241 3757
    Fax: 212 241 5028
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Genetic Links, Family Ties, and Social Bonds : Rights and Responsabilities in the Face of Genetic Knowledge
Article de revue

Understanding the trusted doctor and constructing a theory of bioethics
Article de revue

Justice in medicine and public health
Article de revue

Rethinking research ethics (suivi de:) Open peer commentaries
Article de revue

The Blackwell guide to medical ethics
    RHODES Rosamond ; FRANCIS Leslie ; SILVERS Anita
    Blackwell , 2007, 435 p.
    Cote : 3.1/RHO/2007

    Part I. Individual decisions about clinical issues
    I.1. Patient decisions
    SAVULESCU Julian/ 1. Autonomy, the good life, and controversial choices
    ANKENY Rachel/ 2. Individual responsibility and reproduction
    NIMUE ACKERMAN Felicia/ 3. Patient and family decisions about life-extension and death
    I.2. Individual decisions of physicians and other health care professionals
    RHODES Rosamond/ 4. The professional responsibilities of medicine
    HIGGS Roger/ 5. Truth telling
    KIPNIS Kenneth/ 6. Medical confidentiality
    BROCK Dan/ 7. Patient competence and surrogate decision-making
    KAMM F.M./ 8. Ending life
    FRANCIS Leslie/ 9. Discrimination in medical practice : justice and the obligations of health care providers to disadvantaged patients
    RORTY Mary et al./ 10. Institutional practices, ethics, and the physician
    Part II. Legislative and judicial decisions about social policy
    II.1. Liberty
    BENNETT Rebecca et al./ 11. Reproductive choice
    VAN LEEUWEN Evert et al./ 12. Public policy and ending lives
    HUSAK Douglas/ 13. Drug legalization
    RADCLIFFE RICHARDS Janet/ 14. Selling organs, gametes, and surrogacy services
    P. BATTIN Margaret et al./ 15. The patient as victim and vector : the challenge of infectious disease for bioethics
    MCGEE Glenn et al./ 16. Abuses of science in medical ethics
    II.2. Justice
    MENZEL Paul/ 17. Allocation of scarce resources
    FLECK Leonard/ 18. Just caring : the challenges of priority-setting in public health
    LATHAM Stephen/ 19. Justice and the financing of health care
    SILVERS Anita/ 20. Judgment and justice : evaluating health care for chronically ill and idsabled patients
    BUCHANAN David et al./ 21. Justice in research on human subjects
    BRENNAN Troyen Anthony/ 22. Ethics of disclosure following a medical injury : time for reform ?
    PENNOCK Robert/ 23. Pre-existing conditions : genetic testing, causation, and the justice of medical insurance

A systematic approach to clinical moral reasoning
Article de revue

Affective forecasting and its implications for medical ethics
Article de revue

Reconsidering the impact of affective forecasting (suivi de:) Further thoughts about affective forecasting biases in medicine : a response to Nada Gligorov
Article de revue

Transplant tourism in China : a tale of two transplants (suivi de:) Open peer commentaries
Article de revue

Most controversial article : Rethinking research ethics (suivi de:) Invited commentary
Article de revue


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