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    HARRIS John
    Professeur de Philosophie Appliquée;
    Directeur de recherche au:
    Centre of Social Ethics and Policy
    University of Manchester
    Oxford Road
    M13 9PL Manchester
    Tél: (44) 61 275 35 19
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The value of life

The future of human reproduction : Ethics, choice and regulation
    HARRIS John ; HOLM Soren
    Oxford University Press , 1998, 254 p.
    Cote : 14.1.1/HAR/1998

    HARRIS John/ 1. Rights and reproductive choice
    MORI Maurizio/ 2. On the concept of pre-embryo : The basis for a new "Copernician revolution" in the current view about human reproduction
    GLOVER Jonathan/ 3. Eugenics : Some lessons from the nazi experience
    BRAZIER Margaret/ 4. Reproductive rights : Feminism or patriarchy ?
    FOX Marie/ 5. A woman's right to choose ? A feminist critique
    BATEMAN NOVAES Simone/ SALEM Tania/ 6. Embedding the embryo
    BURLEY Justine/ 7. The price of eggs : Who should bear the costs of fertility treatments ?
    STEINBOCK Bonnie/ 8. Sperm as property
    ERIN Charles/ 9. Some comments on the ethics of consent to the use of ovarian tissue from aborted fetuses and dead women
    HOLM Soren/ 10. Ethical issues in pre-implantation diagnosis
    SEROUR Gamal/ 11. Reproductive choice : A Muslim perspective
    FISHER Fleur/ SOMMERVILLE Ann/ 12. To everything there is a season ? Are there medical grounds for refusing fertility treatment to older women ?
    WERT Guido de/ 13. The post-menopause : Playground for reproductive technology ? Some ethical reflections
    BEAUFORT Inez de/ 14. Letter from a post-menopausal mother

Justice and equal opportunities in health care
Article de revue

Does justice require that we be ageist ? (suivi de:) Saving the young before the old - A reply to John Harris
Article de revue

Life : quality, value and justice
Article de revue

A companion to genethics

Assisted reproductive technological blunders (ARTBs)
Article de revue

    HARRIS John
    Oxford University Press , 2001, 557 p.
    Cote : 2.1/HAR/2001

    HARRIS John/ Introduction : the scope and importance of bioethics
    Part I. Beginnings of life
    JARVIS THOMSON Judith/ 1. A defence of abortion
    KUHSE Helga/ SINGER Peter/ 2. Killing and letting die
    QUINN Warren/ 3. Abortion : identity and loss
    Part II. End of life
    CALLAHAN Daniel/ 4. Terminating life-sustaining treatment of the demented
    MACKLIN Ruth/ 5. Which way down the slippery slope ? Nazi medical killing and euthanasia today
    BUCHANAN Allen/ 6. Advance directives and the personal identity problem
    Part III. The value of life
    DWORKIN Ronald/ 7. What is sacred ?
    RAKOWSKI Eric/ 8. Taking and saving lives
    HARRIS John/ 9. The survival lottery
    Part IV. Allocation of scarce resources and quality of life
    DANIELS Norman/ 10. Health-care needs and distributive justice
    PARFIT Derek/ 11. Equality or priority ?
    BROCK Dan/ 12. Quality of life measures in health care and medical ethics
    Part V. Future generations
    GLOVER Jonathan/ 13. Future people, disability, and screening
    MCMAHAN Jeff/ 14. Wrongful life : paradoxes in the morality of causing people to exist
    Part VI. Professional ethics
    BEAUCHAMP Tom/ 15. Principlism and its alleged competitors
    HOLM Soren/ 16. Not just autonomy : the principles of American biomedical ethics
    GILLON Raanan/ 17. Telling the truth, confidentiality, consent, and respect for autonomy

The great debates
Article de revue
    SAVULESCU Julian ; HARRIS John
    Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics , 03/2004, 13 (1), pp. 68-95
    Cote : 14.12/A 28

    SAVULESCU Julian/ Embryo research : are there any lessons from natural reproduction ?
    HARRIS John/ Sexual reproduction is a survival lottery
    SAVULESCU Julian/ HARRIS John/ The creation lottery : final lessons from natural reproduction : why those who accept natural reproduction should accept cloning and other Frankenstein reproductive technologies

The age-indifference principle and equality
Article de revue

Scientific research is a moral duty
Article de revue

Ethics and synthetic gametes
Article de revue

It's not NICE to discriminate
Article de revue

NICE discrimination (suivi de:) Nice and not so nice
Article de revue

Embryos and eagles : symbolic value in research and reproduction
Article de revue

Adam's fibroblast ? The (pluri)potential of iPCs
Article de revue

Authorisation, altruism and compulsion in the organ donation debate
Article de revue

Taking the "human" out of human rights
Article de revue

Moral enhancement and pro-social behaviour
Article de revue

Consequentialism without consequences : ethics and embryo research
Article de revue

Sparrows, hedgehogs and castrati : reflections on gender and enhancement
Article de revue


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