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Ethique de la recherche (1433)

Problemi bioetici nella sperimentazione clinica con disegno di non-inferiorita
! Divers

Ethical issues in funding research and development of drugs for neglected tropical diseases
! Article de revue

A plea for pragmatism in clinical research ethics (suivi de:) Open peer commentaries
! Article de revue

When is deception in research ethical ?
! Article de revue

Exploitation and developing countries : The ethics of clinical research
! Ouvrage
    HAWKINS Jennifer S. ; EMANUEL Ezekiel
    Princeton University Press , 2008, 327 p.
    Cote : 18.5.5/HAW/2008

    HAWKINS Jennifer et al./ Introduction : why exploitation ?
    HAWKINS Jennifer/ 1. Research ethics, developing countries, and exploitation : a primer
    2. Case studies : the Havrix trial and the Surfaxin trial
    WERTHEIMER Alan/ 3. Exploitation in clinical research
    POGGE Thomas/ 4. Testing our drugs on the poor abroad
    ARNESON Richard/ 5. Broadly utilitarian theories of exploitation and multinational clinical research
    SIEGEL Andrew/ 6. Kantian ethics, exploitation, and multinational clinical trials
    CARSE Alisa et al./ 7. Exploitation and the enterprise of medical research
    HAWKINS Jennifer/ 8. Exploitation and placebo controls
    EMANUEL Ezekiel/ 9. Addressing exploitation : reasonable availability versus fair benefits

Reporting of ethics-related methods in epidemiological research
! Article de revue

Researchers' preferences and attitudes on ethical aspects of genomic research : a comparative study between the USA and Spain
! Article de revue

Is it ethical to deny genetic research participants individualised results ?
! Article de revue

La recherche sur les enfants : Prise de position n° 16/2009
! Divers

Ethical aspects of genome diversity research : genome research into cultural diversity or cultural diversity in genome research ?
! Article de revue

The high incidence and bioethics of findings on magnetic resonance brain imaging of normal volunteers for neuroscience research
! Article de revue

Composition, training needs and independence of ethics review committees across Africa : are the gate-keepers rising to the emerging challenges ?
Article de revue

Reconstituting a human brain in animals : a Jewish perspective on human sanctity
! Article de revue

Financement communautaire de la recherche et éthique
! Divers

Rethinking informed consent in bioethics
! Ouvrage
    MANSON Neil C. ; O'NEILL Onora
    Cambridge University Press , 2008, 212 p.
    Cote : 18.3/MAN/2008

    1. Consent : Nuremberg, Helsinki and beyond
    2. Information and communication : the drift from agency
    3. Informing and communicating : back to agency
    4. How to rethink informed consent
    5. Informational privacy and data protection
    6. Genetic information and genetic exceptionalism
    7. Trust, accountability and transparency
    Some conclusions and proposals

Bioéthique dans les pays du Sud : Récits de médecins africains
! Ouvrage

Questions d'éthique biomédicale
! Ouvrage
    MATTEI Jean-François ; HARLE Jean-Robert ; LE COZ Pierre ; et al.
    Flammarion , 2008, 489 p.
    Cote : 2.1/MAT/2008

    I. Ethique biomédicale : définitions, aspects hisotirques, législatifs
    II. Approche philosophique de l'éthique biomédicale
    III. Ethique de la relation de soin
    IV. Ethique des pratiques médicales
    V. Ethique et recherche
    VI. Ethique et société

Global bioethics : issues of conscience for the twenty-first century
! Ouvrage
    GREEN Ronald M. ; DONOVAN Aine ; JAUSS Steven A.
    Oxford University Press , Clarendon Press , 2008, 352 p.
    Cote : 2.1/GRE/2008

    Part I. Normative bases
    WIKLER Daniel et al./ 1. Population-level bioethics : mapping a new agenda
    EYAL Nir/ 2. What is it like to be a bird ? Wikler and Brock on the ethics of population health
    EMANUEL Ezekiel/ 3. The evolving norms of medical ethics
    VAN DELDEN Johannes/ 4. Convergent trends in modern medical ethics : medicine-based ethics and human rights
    Part II. Global research ethics
    KASS Nancy/ 5. Just research in an unjust world : can harm reduction be an acceptable tool for public health prevention research ?
    ILTIS Ana/ 6. Harm reduction research : ethics and compliance
    MACKLIN Ruth/ 7. Global justice, human rights, and health
    Part III. Biomedical/bioethical collaborations
    MESLIN Eric/ 8. Achieving global justice in health through global research ethics : supplementing Macklin's "top-down" approach with one from the "ground up"
    SINGER Peter et al./ 9. Harnessing advanced technologies for global health equity
    Part IV. Training professional, ethical physicians
    MARTENSEN Robert/ 10. American "medical professionalism" : at home and in the world
    PALLANGYO Kisali/ 11. Professional and medical education in the developing world
    Part V. Euthanasia and physician-assisted death
    VAN DELDEN Johannes et al./ 12. Physician-assisted death : not just for rich countries
    Part VI. Global bioethics and religion
    GREEN Ronald/ 13. Embryo as epiphenomenon : some cultural, social, and economic forces driving the stem cell debate
    MULLER Denis/ 14. The role and influence of religions in bioethics
    Part VII. Public global bioethics consultations
    HARRIS John/ 15. Global norms, informed consensus, and hypocrisy in bioethics
    BAYLIS Françoise/ 16. Global norms in bioethics : problems and prospects

Utilisation de cadavres et de parties de cadavres dans la recherche médicale et la formation prégraduée, postgraduée et continue : Recommandations de l'ASSM
! Divers

Ethical aspects of research into Alzheimer disease. A European Delphi study focused on genetic and non-genetic research
! Article de revue

Do research ethics committees identify process errors in applications for ethical approval ?
Article de revue

Broadening consent - and diluting ethics ?
! Article de revue

Ethical and legal considerations in video recording neonatal resuscitations
! Article de revue

Healthcare professionals' and researchers' understanding of cancer genetics activities : a qualitative interview study
! Article de revue

Réflexions sur la révision des lois de bioéthique : vers la légalisation du clonage thérapeutique ?
! Article de revue

Recall of participation in research projects in cancer genetics : some implications for research ethics
! Article de revue

Jack of all trades, master of none ? Challenges facing junior academic researchers in bioethics
! Article de revue

Animal eggs for stem cell research : a path not worth taking (suivi de:) Open peer commentaries
! Article de revue

Public expectations for return of results from large-cohort genetic research (suivi de:) Open peer commentaries
! Article de revue

Universal and uniform protections of human subjects in research (suivi de:) Open peer commentaries
! Article de revue

Understanding ethics guidelines using an internet-based expert system
! Article de revue

Thematic section : Bioethics and the sociology of trust
! Article de revue
    Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy , 12/2008, 11 (4), pp. 375-444

    DE VRIES Raymond et al. Bioethics and the sociology of trust : introduction to the theme
    DIXON-WOODS Mary et al./ Regulation and the social licence for medical research
    KIM Scott et al./ Trust in early phase research : therapeutic optimism and protectice pessimism
    FISHER Jill/ Institutional mistrust in the organization of pharmaceutical clinical trials
    ABRAHAM John/ The politics and bio-ethics of regulatory trust : case-studies of pharmaceuticals
    HALLOWELL Nina/ Encounters with medical professionals : a crisis of trust or matter of respect ?
    PINXTEN Wim et al./ Regulating trust in pediatric clinical trials

Patients' views on identifiability of samples and informed consent for genetic research (suivi de:) Open peer commentaries
! Article de revue

Towards the applied : the construction of ethical positions in stem cell translational research
! Article de revue

Supererogation in clinical research
! Article de revue

Moral accountability and debriefing
! Article de revue

Debriefing and accountability in deceptive research
! Article de revue

10 years of stem cells
! Article de revue
    Journal of Medical Ethics , 12/2008, 34 (12), pp. 831-857

    SOLBAKK J.H. et al./ The ethics of stem cell research : can the disagreements be resolved ?
    TURKMEN H.O. et al./ Ethical and legal aspects of stem cell practices in Turkey : where are we ?
    LEGGE M. et al./ Stem cell spinal cord regeneration : first do no harm
    GREEN R.M./ Embryo as epiphenomenon : some cultural, social and economic forces driving the stem cell debate
    WOODS S./ Stem cell stories : from bedside to bench
    MEYER J. R./ The significance of induced pluripotent stem cells for basic research and clinical therapy
    NIELSEN T. H./ What happened to the stem cells ?

Dignitas personae : Instruction de la Congrégation pour la Doctrine de la Foi sur certaines questions de bioéthique
! Article de revue

Comparing drug effectiveness at health plans : the ethics of cluster randomized trials
! Article de revue

Studying the mind : ethical issues and guidance in mental health research
! Article de revue

Who is buying bioethics research ? (suivi de:) Open peer commentaries
! Article de revue

Fearing a non-existing Minotaur ? The ethical challenges of research on cytoplasmic hybrid embryos
! Article de revue

The ESRC research ethics framework and research ethics review at UK universities : rebuilding the Tower of Babel REC by REC
Article de revue

La sperimentazione farmacologica sulle donne
! Divers

Lignes directrices en matière de recherche sur les cellules souches pluripotentes humaines mises à jour le 29 juin 2007
! Divers

Instruction "Dignitas personae" sur certaines questions de bioéthique
! Divers

Déclaration à propos des récentes autorisations de recherche sur les cellules souches embryonnaires
! Divers

Hopes for Helsinki : reconsidering "vulnerability"
! Article de revue

Improving the evidence base in palliative medicine : a moral imperative
! Article de revue

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