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    Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics
    Cambridge Quarterly
    CQ of Healthcare Ethics
205 documents trouvés
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Beyond Autonomy (numéro spécial de la revue:)

The Caduceus in Court
Article de revue
    Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics , 1995, 4 (1), pp. 111-121
    Cote : 22.7.7/A 39

    SCHWARTZ Robert/Euthanasia and assisted suicide in the Netherlands
    LEGEMAATE Johan/Legal aspects of euthanasia and assisted suicide in the Netherlands, 1973-1994

Special Section : Elder Ethics

Special section : Issues in consent
    Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics , 1996, 5 (2), pp. 189-247

    PELLEGRINO Edmund/Secrets of the couch and the grave : the Anne Sexton case
    FURROW Barry/Must physicians reveal their wounds?
    GOLDWORTH Amnon/Informed consent revisited
    MACKINNON Barbara/How important is consent for controlled clinical trials?
    CIESIELSKI-CARLUCCI Chris/MILLIKEN Nancy/COHEN Neal/Determinants of decision making for circumcision
    PORTER Joan/Informed consent issues in international research concerns
    BUEHLER David/CQ Sources/Bibliography

Is the treatment beneficial, experimental, or futile?
Article de revue

Exploring the role of religion in medical ethics
Article de revue

Special section : Can justice endure health care reform? From patient care to policy (and back again)
    Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics , 1996, 5 (4), pp. 485-533

    LANTOS John/Seeking justice for Priscilla
    MORENO Jonathan/Recapturing justice in the managed care era
    JECKER Nancy/Caring for "socially undesirable" patients
    ZANER Richard/Justice and the individual in the Hippocratic tradition
    BLITON Mark/FINDER Stuart/The eclipse of the individual in policy (Where is the place for justice?)
    BUEHLER David/Bibliography

Allocating healthcare by QALYs : The relevance of age
Article de revue

Justice, society, physicians and ethics committees : incorporating ideas of justice into patient care decisions
Article de revue

Cloning : Technology, policy and ethics
    Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics , 1998, 7 (2), pp. 115-205 + pp. 218-222

    KLOTZKO Arlene Judith/ Dolly, cloning, and the public misunderstanding of science : A challenge for all of us
    Voices from Roslin : The creators of Dolly discuss science, ethics, and social responsibility
    CALLAHAN Daniel/ Cloning : Then and now
    NELKIN Dorothy/ LINDEE Susan/ Cloning in the popular imagination
    WILKIE Tom/ GRAHAM Elizabeth/ Power without responsibility : Media portrayals of Dolly and science
    HOLM Soren/ A life in the shadow : One reason why we should not clone humans
    HARRIS John/ Cloning and human dignity
    SILVER Lee/ Cloning, ethics and religion
    WARNOCK Mary/ The regulation of technology
    ANDREWS Lori/ Mom, Dad, clone : Implications for reproductive privacy
    GAEIB/ Ethical aspects of cloning techniques (Opinion n°9)
    MCLAREN Anne/ Commentary
    GAEIB: Ethical aspects of genetic modification of animals (Opinion n°7)
    SCHROTEN Egbert/ Commentary
    BOYD Kenneth/ Little lamb, who made thee ? A lesson from Edinburgh
    BUEHLER David/ CQ Sources/ Bibliography
    FITZGERALD Kevin/ Human cloning : Analysis and evaluation

Sperm donation from a comatose, dying man
Article de revue

Expanding the boundaries of bioethics (Special section)
    Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics , 1997, 6 (4), pp. 365-450

    THOMASMAS David/ Edmund D. Pellegrino on the future of bioethics
    BRODY Baruch A./ Research ethics : International perspectives
    KARLAWISH Jason/ LANTOS John/ Community equipoise and the architecture of clinical research
    BENATAR Solomon/ Just healthcare beyond individualism : Challenges for North American bioethics. Appendix: Proposed World Medical Association statement on health and human rights
    TRAPPENBURG Margo/ Defining the medical sphere
    THOMASMA David/ LOEWY Erich/ A dialogue on species-specific rights : Humans and animals in bioethics
    WHITEHOUSE Peter/ Readdressing our moral relationship to nonhuman creatures : Commentary on "A dialogue on species-specific..."
    BUEHLER David/ Bibliography

Japanese psychiatrists' attitudes toward patients wishing to die in the general hospital : A cultural perspective
Article de revue

Ethical obligations in the body politic : The case of normalization policy for marginal populations
Article de revue

Euthanasia and public policy
    Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics , 1998, 7 (4), pp. 339-404

    Mark G. KUCZEWSKI / Physician-Assisted Death: Can philosophical bioethics aid social policy ?
    Michael STINGL / Euthanasia and health reform in Canada
    Michael M. BURGESS, John HUBERT, Susan SHERWIN / Commentary
    Helga KUHSE / Critical notice: Why killing is not always worse-and is sometimes better-than letting die
    Thomas A. CAVANAUGH / Currently accepted practices that are known to lead to death, and PAS: Is there an ethically relevant difference ?
    George P. SMITH / Terminal sedation as palliative care : Revalidating a right to a good death
    David C. THOMASMA / Assessing the arguments for and against Euthanasia and assisted suicide
    David A. BUEHLER / CQ Sources/Bibliography

(Gene patents)
Article de revue
    Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics , 1998, vol.7 n°4, pp. 417-435
    Cote : 15.9.4/A 33

    MCGEE Glenn/ Gene patents can be ethical
    CAPLAN Arthur/ What's so special about the human genome ?
    MERZ Jon/ CHO Mildred/ Disease genes are not patentable : a rebuttal of McGee
    TRIBBLE Jack/ Gene patents - A pharmaceutical perspective
    MAGNUS David/ Disease gene patenting : The clinician's dilemma

Organ Transplantation : Shaping Policy and Keeping Public Trust
    Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics , 1999, 8 (3), pp. 269-350

    AGICH George/ From Pittsburgh to Cleveland : NHBD Controversies and Bioethics
    CROUCH Robert, ELLIOTT Carl/ Moral Agency and the Family : The Case of Living Related Organ Transplantation
    PORTMANN John/ Cutting Bodies to Harvest Organs
    McCHESNEY Lawrence, BRAITHWAITE Susan/ Expectations and Outcomes in Organ Transplantation
    EINAR HIMMA Kenneth/ A Critique of UNOS Liver Allocation Policy
    THOMASMA David, MICETICH Kenneth, BREMS John, VAN THIEL David/ The Ethics of Competition in Liver Transplantation
    ANKENY Rachel/ Recasting the Debate on Multiple Listing for Transplantation through Consideration of Both Principles and Practice
    HERZ Susan/ Two Steps to Three Choices : A New Approach to Mandated Choice
    ANTON Bette/ CQ Sources, Bibliography

Issues in Organization Ethics and Healthcare
Article de revue
    Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics , 2000, 9 (2), pp. 151-241

    EMANUEL Linda/ Ethics and the Structures of Healthcare
    WERHANE Patricia/ Business Ethics, Stakeholder Theory, and the Ethics of Healthcare Organizations
    PARIS John, POST Stephen/ Managed Care, Cost Control, and the Common Good
    AGICH George, FORSTER Heidi/ Conflicts of Interests in Management in Manages Care
    RHODES Rosamond, STRAIN James/ Trust and Transforming Medical Institutions
    SPIELMAN Bethany/ Organizational Ethics Programs and the Law
    FREEMAN COOK Ann, HOAS Helena, GUTTMANNOVA Katarina/ Bioethics Activities in Rural Hospitals

Deregulating the Genetic Supermarket : Preimplantation Screening, Future People, and the Harm Principle
Article de revue

Dubious Premises - Evil Conclusions : Moral Reasoning at the Nuremberg Trials
Article de revue

Response to "A Critique of UNOS Liver Allocation Policy" by Kenneth Einar Himma
Article de revue
    BURDICK James ; HIMMA Kenneth Einar
    Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics , 2000, 9 (2), pp. 275-283
    Cote : 7.3/A 63

    Le texte "A Critique of UNOS Liver Allocation Policy" de Kenneth Einar Himma se trouve dans le Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics vol. 8 n°3 de 1999 (cote 21.11/CAM/1999).

    BURDICK James/ The Complexities of Organ Allocation Policies
    EINAR HIMMA Kenneth/ Reply to Burdick : Constraining Physician Discretion

Changing Economics and Clinical Ethical Decisionmaking : A View from the Trenches
Article de revue

Special section : Transplantation ethics : Old questions, new answers ?
Article de revue
    Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics , 2001, 10 (4), pp. 357-432
    Cote : 21.11/A 31

    DEVITA Michael et al./ Transplantation ethics : old questions, new answers ?
    CHILDRESS James/ Putting patients first in organ allocation : an ethical analysis of the U.S. debate
    SIMINOFF Laura et al./ Public policy, public opinion, and consent for organ donation
    ANKENY Rachel/ The moral status of preferences for directed donation : who should decide who gets transplantable organs ?
    SAUDER Ryan et al./ Autonomy's limits : living donation and health-related harm
    AULISIO Mark et al./ Procreation for donation : the moral and political permissibility of "having a child to save a child"
    MACKLER Aaron/ Respecting bodies and saving lives : Jewish perspectives on organ donation and transplantation

Response to "Abortion and assent" by Rosamond Rhodes and "Abortion, disability, assent, and consent" by Matti Häyry
Article de revue

Special section : Culture, health, and bioethics : At the crossroads
Article de revue
    Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics , 2001, 10 (1), pp. 1-78

    GORLIN Richard et al./ Cultural collisions at the bedside : Social expectations and value triage in medical practice
    CARTER Michele et al./ Cultural engagement in clinical ethics : A model for ethics consultation
    KUCZEWSKI Mark et al./ Informed consent : Does it take a village ? The problem of culture and truth telling
    HERNANDEZ-ARRIAGA Jorge et al./ Jehovah's Witnesses and medical practice in Mexico : Religious freedom, parens patriae, and the right to life
    PRODANOV Vassil/ Bioethics in Eastern Europe : A difficult birth
    ORPETT LONG Susan/ Ancestors, computers, and other mixed messages : Ambiguity and euthanasia in Japan
    TAKALA Tuija/ What is wrong with global bioethics ? On the limitations of the four principles approach
    ANTON Bette/ Bibliography

Abortion, disability, assent, and consent : Response to "Abortion and assent" by Rosamond Rhodes
Article de revue

The instability of the standard justification for physician-assisted suicide
Article de revue

Bioethics and graduate medical education : The great match
Article de revue

Special section : Bioethics and biotechnology
    Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics , 2003, 12 (4), pp. 331-446

    SILVER Lee/ Biotechnology and the conceptualizations of the soul
    CAMPBELL Courtney/ Biotechnology and the fear of Frankenstein
    HARRIS John/ Stem cells, sex, and procreation
    HOLM Soren/ The ethical case against stem cell research
    HELGE SOLBAKK Jan/ Use and abuse of empirical knowledge in contemporary bioethics : a critical analysis of empirical arguments employed in the controversy surrounding stem cell research
    SHAPIRO Robyn/ Legislative research bans on human cloning
    KOLERS Avery/ Cloning and the genetic parenthood
    SCHONFELD Toby/ Parents of unhappy poets : fiduciary responsibility and genetic enhancements
    CHAMBERS Jean/ Women's right to choose rationally : genetic information, embryo selection, and genetic manipulation
    KUSHNER Thomasine/ Public-private partnerships in drug development for underdeveloped countries : an interview with Craig Wheeler
    TROTTER Griffin/ Buffalo eyes : a tale on the global HIV epidemic
    SCHAEFFER YOUNG Judith/ Bibliography

Utilitarianism shot down by its own men ?
Article de revue

Proxy, health, and personal care preferences : implications for end-of-life care
Article de revue

Special section : Dissecting bioethics
Article de revue
    Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics , 03/2004, 13 (1), pp. 3-48

    HAYRY Matti/ TAKALA Tuija/ Guest editorial
    MAYRY Matti/ Another look at dignity
    TAKALA Tuija/ The (im)morality of (un)naturalness
    ASHCROFT Richard/ From public interest to political justice
    GROSS Michael/ Speaking in one voice or many ? The language of community
    VEHMAS Simo/ Dimensions of disability
    GYLLING Heta Aleksandra/ Autonomy revisited
    ANTON Bette/ Bibliography

The natural father : genetic paternity testing, marriage, and fatherhood
Article de revue

"Medical friendships" in assisted dying
Article de revue

The great debates
Article de revue
    SAVULESCU Julian ; HARRIS John
    Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics , 03/2004, 13 (1), pp. 68-95
    Cote : 14.12/A 28

    SAVULESCU Julian/ Embryo research : are there any lessons from natural reproduction ?
    HARRIS John/ Sexual reproduction is a survival lottery
    SAVULESCU Julian/ HARRIS John/ The creation lottery : final lessons from natural reproduction : why those who accept natural reproduction should accept cloning and other Frankenstein reproductive technologies

Possible limits to the surrogate's role : when a patient lacks decisionmaking capacity, is the surrogate's role absolute ?
Article de revue

A defense of ethical relativism
Article de revue

Justice in medicine and public health
Article de revue

Medical custom and medical ethics : rethinking the standard of care
Article de revue

Epiphanic knowledge and medicine
Article de revue

Genetic testing of children for late onset disease
Article de revue

Is evaluating ethics consultation on the basis of cost a good idea ?
Article de revue

Prenatal testing, reproductive autonomy, and disability interests
Article de revue

Respect for equality and the treatment of the elderly : declarations of human rights and age-based rationing
Article de revue

The age-indifference principle and equality
Article de revue

Toleration and healthcare ethics
Article de revue

Conscription of cadaveric organs for transplantation : a stimulating idea whose time has not yet come
Article de revue

Presumed consent : an international comparison and possibilities for change in the United States
Article de revue

Special section : Patient ethics
Article de revue
    Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics , 06/2005, 14 (2), pp. 131-190

    TROTTER Griffin/ Guest editorial : Of lotteries lost and partnerships forged : The perils and promises of patient ethics
    BRODY Howard/ Patient ethics and evidence-based medicine - The good healthcare citizen
    GARCHAR Kimberly/ The loyal patient at the end of life : a Roycean argument for assisted suicide
    HALL Mark/ The importance of trust for ethics, law, and public policy
    WILDES Kevin/ Patients : the Rosetta stone in the crisis of medicine
    WALLER Bruce/ Responsibility and health
    ANTON Bette/ Bibliography

CQ interview : Stem cell science and politics : A talk with Elizabeth Blackburn
Article de revue

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