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    Journal of Clinical Ethics
    J. Clin. Ethics
219 documents trouvés
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Autopsy decisions : The possibility of conflicting cultural attitudes
Article de revue

Special issue : Ethics and Alzheimer's disease

Optimizing Ethics Services and Education in a Teaching Hospital : Rounds Versus Consultation
Article de revue

The role of the clinical ethicist in conflict resolution
Article de revue

The effect of clinical medical ethics consultation on healthcare costs
Article de revue

Report of a study to examine the process of ethics case consultation
Article de revue

Assessing quality of care : New twists from managed care
Article de revue

Ethics in Pediatrics
    TRUOG Robert ; MITCHELL Christine
    Journal of Clinical Ethics , 2000, 11 (2), pp. 99-183

    HOWE Edmund/ Pediatricians' most difficult decision
    MITCHELL Christine/ TRUOG Robert/ Frome the files of a pediatric ethics Committee
    BOURNE Rick/ Loving noncompliance : determining medical neglect by parents of HIV-positive children
    HEADINGS Verle/ Comment: Collaborative decision making with HIV-infected mothers
    JOHNSON Judith/ MITCHELL Christine/ Responding to parental requests to forgo pediatric nutrition and hydration
    TRUOG Robert/ Futility in pediatrics : from case to policy
    ORR Robert/ Comment: will futility policies make a difference ?
    ROBINSON Walter/ Ethical issues in pediatric research
    KENNY Nuala/ MILLER Paul/ Comment: research involving children : clarifying roles and authority
    WOLFE Joanne/ Suffering in children at the end of life : recognizing an ethical duty to palliate
    HARDART George/ Including the family's interests in medical decision making in pediatrics
    RAUCH Paula/ Comment : supporting the child within the family
    WAISEL David/ The hazards of "hanging crepe" or stating overly pessimistic prognoses
    BURNS Jeffrey/ From case to policy : institutional ethics at a children's hospital
    SAHLER O.J./ Comment : should all ethics committee members be institutionalized ?

Doing Ethics Consultations Better
Article de revue

Ethical issues in geriatrics
Article de revue
    Journal of Clinical Ethics , 2000, 11 (4), pp. 291-333

    HOWE Edmund/ Improving treatment for patients who are elderly and have dementia
    BERGER Jeffrey et al./ Ethical challenges posed by dementia and driving
    BERGER Jeffrey/ Sexuality and intimacy in the nursing home : A romantic couple of mixed cognative capacities
    POST Stephen/ Commentary on "Sexuality and intimacy in the nursing home"
    GLOVER Jacqueline et al./ The myth of home and the medicalization of the care of the elderly
    JOHNSON Marie et al./ Physicians' responses to clinical scenarios involving life-threatening illness vary by patients' age
    TADD Win et al./ Commentary : Medical decision making based on chronological age - Cause for concern

Narrative unity and the unraveling of personal identity : Dialysis, dementia, stroke, and advance directives
Article de revue

How to determine competency
Article de revue

Too much ethics, not enough medicine : Clarifying the role of clinical expertise for the clinical ethics consultant
Article de revue

Active voluntary euthanasia, terminal sedation, and assisted suicide
Article de revue

Physician-assisted suicide or voluntary euthanasia : A meaningless distinction for practicing physicians ?
Article de revue

To teach ethics better -- Lie
Article de revue

Medical students' involvement in patient care
Article de revue

Narrative, thick description, and bioethics : Cases, stories, and Simone de Beauvoir's "A very easy death"
Article de revue

Informing a recipient of blood from a donor who developed Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease : The characteristics of information that warrant its disclosure
Article de revue

Special section : Pediatric HIV
Article de revue
    Journal of Clinical Ethics , 2001, 12 (2), pp. 150-175

    FLANAGAN-KLYGIS Erin et al./ Disclosing the diagnosis of HIV in pediatrics
    HIRSCHFELD Steven/ Comment : Disclosing a diagnosis of HIV in pediatrics : Providing the best possible care
    WISSOW Lawrence et al./ Preliminary study of a values-history advance directive interview in a pediatric HIV clinic
    SAHLER O.J./ Comment: Getting the most value out of a values history

Special issue : Neonatal ethics
    Journal of Clinical Ethics , 2001, 12 (3), pp. 191-318

    HOWE Edmund/ Helping infants by seeing the invisible
    CATLIN Anita/ Introduction to ethics in neonatology
    PARIS John et al./ From the Johns Hopkins Baby to Baby Miller : what have we learned from four decades of reflection on neonatal cases ?
    CARTER Brian et al./ Reflections on neonatal intensive care in the U.S. : Limited success or success with limits ?
    WHITE Gladys et al./ Infertility treatment and neonatal care : the ethical obligation to transcend specialty practice in the interest of reducing multiple births
    SMITH Karen et al./ Uncharted terrain : dilemmas born in the NICU grow up in the PICU
    HARRISON Helen/ Making lemonade : a parent's view of "quality of life" studies
    HULAC Peter/ Creation and use of "You are not alone", a video for parents facing difficult decisions
    REDDICK Brad et al./ Crisis within crisis : recommendations for defining, preventing, and coping with stressors in the NICU
    MERKENS Mark et al./ The Oregon Health Plan and the ethics of care for marginally viable newborns
    FRANCK Linda et al./ For crying out loud : the ethical treatment of infants' pain
    HOWE Edmund/ International practices in neonatology
    CUTTINI Marina et al./ The European Union collaborative project on ethical decision making in neonatal intensive care (EURONIC) : findings from 11 countries
    KLUGE Eike-Henner/ Canada, the U.S. and the NICU : cultural differences and ethical consequences
    BLASSZAUER Bela et al./ Neonatal issues in Hungary
    ZMORA Ehud/ Ethics and neonatology in Israel
    STORE BRINCHMANN Berit/ Neonatal medicine in Norway
    ERIKSSON Mats et al./ Ethical dilemmas in Swedish neonatal intensive care
    CAVUSOGLU Hicran/ Neonatology and ethics : a word from Turkey
    CATLIN Anita et al./ Creation of a neonatal end-of-life palliative-care protocol

Over the cutting edge : how ethics consultation illuminates the moral complexity of open-uterine fetal repair of spina bifida and patients' decision making
Article de revue

Genetic testing for hereditary disease : attending to relational responsibility
Article de revue

Moral obligations to families when there is a sudden death
Article de revue

Implications of impaired executive control functions for patient autonomy and surrogate decision making
Article de revue

Shared decision making in dialysis : A new clinical practice guideline to assist with dialysis-related ethics consultations
Article de revue

Special section : Patient autonomy
Article de revue
    Journal of Clinical Ethics , 2002, 13 (1), pp. 3-17 + pp. 54-84

    HOWE Edmund/ The paradox of paternalism and three steps careproviders can take to help all patients
    LINDEMANN NELSON James/ Carl Schneider's "The practice of autonomy : A précis"
    FRIEDMAN ROSS Lainie/ Patient autonomy : imperfect, insufficient, but still quite necessary
    HULL Richard/ The alchemy of informed consent
    JENNINGS Bruce/ Good-bye to all that... Autonomy
    SCHNEIDER Carl/ "The practice of autonomy" and the practice of bioethics
    HALPERN Jodi/ Reluctant patients : autonomy and delegating medical decisions

An assessment of ethical climate in three healthcare organizations
Article de revue

The healthcare organization : new efficiency endeavors and the organization ethics program
Article de revue

Fair distribution and patients who receive more than one organ transplant
Article de revue

Jamie's story : the man who lost his face (+ related articles)
Article de revue
    DIMACK Pamela
    Journal of Clinical Ethics , 2002, 13 (2), pp. 99-114 + pp. 147-159

    MITCHELL Christine/ An epilogue to "Jamie's story"
    MITCHELL Christine/ The moral of the story
    HOWE Edmund/ Degloved patients, torture victims, and "bi-phasic ethics"

Caring for patients within a budget : Physicians' tales from the front lines of managed care
Article de revue

Secrecy, integrity, agency : nurses and genetic terminations
Article de revue

Searching for effectiveness : The functioning of Connecticut clinical ethics committees
Article de revue

A mediation/medical advisory panel model for resolving disputes about end-of-life care
Article de revue

Extramural ethics consultation : Reflections on the mediation/medical advisory panel model and a further proposal
Article de revue

Care coordination and utilization review : clinical case managers' perceptions of dual role obligations
Article de revue
    Journal of Clinical Ethics , 2002, 13 (3), pp. 216-229

    "Case management" is a process by which the health needs of patients are assessed and their care is planned, implemented, monitored, and reassessed, within given fiscal and resource constraints.

Cases from the Harvard Ethics Consortium : Irene's story
Article de revue

Special issue on outpatient ethics

When careproviders should give advice, disclose personal information, and reveal their feelings
Article de revue

The antemortem use of heparin in non-heart-beating organ transplantation : a justification based on the paradigm of altruism
Article de revue

Does the public support organ donation using higher brain-death criteria ?
Article de revue

Asking for organs : different needs and different values
Article de revue

The moral irrelevance of proximity to death
Article de revue

Special section : answering parents' questions
Article de revue

Overcoming the downside of asymmetry
Article de revue

Correlates of children's competence to make healthcare decisions
Article de revue

Making wishes known : the role of acquired speech and language disorders in clinical ethics
Article de revue

Opportunities for advance directives to influence acute medical care
Article de revue

Exploring asymmetry in the relationship between patients and physicians
Article de revue

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