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    Journal of Medicine and Philosophy
    J. Med. Philos.
    Managing editor: Mark J. Cherry
    Institute of Religion
    1129 Wilkins Street
    Houston, TX 77030

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Psychiatric diagnoses : a continuing controversy
IN : Philosophical issues concerning psychiatric diagnosis
Article de revue
    MATHIS James L.
    Journal of Medicine and Philosophy , 1992, 17; nr. 2, p. 253-261

    Psychiatric Medicine has been accused justly of making its diagnoses on the patient's report of symptons and the physician's subjective observations of the patient. The main problem has been the lack of reliable data compounded by the stigma of a mental diagnosis. More recently, third-party pressures have become an added threat to objectivity. New knowledge of brain function, especially neurotransmitters, and more specific and effective medication have made the need for accurate dianoses more acute. Psychiatry has responded by frequent and often controversial changes in its dignostic criteria. Much of the controversy stems from a lack of accurate measurements to validate the diagnoses, thereby allowing for differences of opinion of a highly subjective nature. The problem is complicated by the chronic, but irrational, belief that there is a separation between mental and somatic illness.

Diagnosing blame : responsibility and the psychopath
IN : Philosophical issues concerning psychiatric diagnosis
Article de revue
    ELLIOTT Carl
    Journal of Medicine and Philosophy , 1992, 17; nr. 2, p. 199-214

    The diagnosis of psychopathy is controversial largely because of two notions: first, that because of their defects, psychopaths cannot understand morality, and second, that these defects should thus excuse psychopaths from moral responsibility for their actions. However, it is not clear just what is involved in understanding morality. The argument that the psychopath is ignorant of morality in the same way that one might be ignorant of facts is difficult to sustain. However, a closer examination of the psychopath's peculiar deficiencies reveals that the psychopath's understanding of morality might be impaired in other ways.

Molecular genetics, reductionism, and disease concepts in psychiatry
IN : Philosophical issues concerning psychiatric diagnosis
Article de revue
    HARRIS Herbert W. ; SCHAFFNER Kenneth
    Journal of Medicine and Philosophy , 1992, 17; nr. 2, p. 127-153

    The study of mental illness by the methods of molecular genetic is still in its infancy, but the use of genetic markers in psychiatry may potentially lead to a Virchowian revolution in the conception of mental illness. Genetic markers may define novel clusters of patients having diverse clinical presentations but sharing a common genetic and mechanistic basis. Such clusters may differ radically from the conventional classification schemes of psychiatric illness. However, the reduction of even relatively simple Mendelian phenomena to molecular genetics has been shown to be a surprisingly complex and problematic enterprise. Mental illness exist at many levels of including social, environmental, and developmental interactions. Reductionistic shifts in the classification of such a disease entity will have to address the interlevel dynamics that take place within the structure of theories of mental illness. The question of how molecular analysis of psychiatric disease wil impact on the structure of existing theories and classifications systems is the central topic of this paper.

Ethics and alternative health care systems
Article de revue
    MORREIM E. Haavi
    Journal of Medicine and Philosophy , 1992, 17; nr 1, p. 1-117

    MORREIM Haavi E./Access without excess, p.1-6
    SHELTON Jack K.
    JANUST Mann Julia/Unhealthy health care costs, p.7-19
    BUDETTI Peter/Universal health care coverage : pitfalls and promise of an employment-based approach, p.21-32
    MENZEL Paul T./Equality, autonomy, and efficiency : what health care system should we have?, p.33-57
    BATTIN Margaret P./Dying in 599 beds : efficiency, 'best buys', and the ethics of standardization in National Health Care, p.59-77
    JECKER Nancy S.
    PEARLMAN Robert A./An ethical framework for rationing health care, p.79-96
    NELSON Robert M.
    DROUGHT Theresa/Justice and the moral acceptability of rationing medical care : the Oregon experiment, p.97-117.

An analysis of interpersonal manipulation
Article de revue

Principles and patients
Article de revue
    WILDES Kevin
    Journal of Medicine and Philosophy , 1992, vol. 17, n/o 5, p. 483-555

    WILDES Kevin WM/Principles, rules, duties, and Babel : bioethics in the face of postmodernity, p.483-485
    LUSTIG B. Andrew/The method of "principlism" : a critique of the critique, p.487-510
    DEGRAZIA David/Moving forward in bioethical theory : theories, cases and specified principlism, p.511-539
    MEYER Michael J./Patients' duties, p.541-555.

European issue : solidarity in health care
Article de revue
    SASS Hans-Martin
    Journal of Medicine and Philosophy , 1992, vol. 17, n/o 4, p. 367-478

    SASS Hans-Martin/Introduction: the principle of solidarity in health care policy, p.367-370
    BYK Christian/The human genome project and the social contract: a law policy approach, p.371-380
    HERTOCH Cees/The right to genetic information: some reflections on Dutch developments, p.381-393
    SASS Hans-Martin/Right not to know or duty to know?: prenatal diagnosis for polycystic renal disease, p.395-405
    BAYERTZ Kurt/Technothanatology: moral consequences of introducing brain criteria for death, p.407-417
    WELIE Jos V.M./The medical exception: physicians, euthanasia and the Dutch criminal law, p.419-437
    KIMSMA Gerrit K./Clinical ethics in assisting euthanasia: avoiding malpractice in drug application, p. 439-443
    SASS Hans-Martin/Criteria for death: self-determination and public policy, p.445-454
    ANGELUS Tamas/Consensus and health policy in Hungary, p.455-462
    HAVE Henk TEN
    KEASBERRY Helen/Equity and solidarity: the context of health care in the Netherlands, p.463-477.

Theology and Bioethics
Article de revue
    Journal of Medicine and Philosophy , 1992, vol. 17, n/o 3, pp. 263-364

    SOWLE CAHILL Lisa/Theology and bioethics: should religious traditions have a public voice?
    MARTY Martin/Religion, theology, Chruch, and bioethics
    LABACQZ Karen/Humility in health care
    NEWMAN Louis/Jewish theology and bioethics
    COLLINS VACEK Edward/ Catholic "natural law" and reproductive ethics
    HEHIR J. Bryan/Policy arguments in a public Church: Catholic social ethics and bioethics

Philosophical issues concerning psychiatric diagnosis
Article de revue
    KOPELMAN Loretta
    Journal of Medicine and Philosophy , 1992, vol. 17, n/o 2, pp. 121-261

    HARRIS Herbert
    SCHAFFNER Kenneth/Molecular genetics, reductionism, and disease concepts in psychiatry
    GERT Bernard/A sex caused inconsistency in DSM-III-R: the definition of mental disorder and the definition of paraphilias
    KLIGMAN Michael
    CULVER Charles/An analysis of interpersonal manipulation
    ELLIOTT Carl/Diagnosing blame: responsibility and the psychopath
    ROSSER Sue/ Is there androcentric bias in psychiatric diagnosis?
    BRIODY MAHOWALD Mary/To be or not to be a woman: anorexia nervosa, normative gender roles, and feminism

Bioethics as a prescription for civic action : the Japanese interpretation
Article de revue

Public policy implications of human genetic technology : genetic screening
Article de revue

Just caring : Oregon, health care rationing, and informed democratic deliberation
Article de revue

Human germ-line engineering

Needs and Medicine
Article de revue

Justice and the severely demented elderly
Article de revue

Age and the allocation of medical resources
Article de revue

Studies in the explanation of issues in biomedical ethics : the example of abortion
Article de revue

Ethical issues in and beyond prospective clinical trials of human gene therapy
Article de revue

A cure for aging ?
Article de revue

DRGs : Justice and the invisible rationing of health care resources
Article de revue

Separating care and cure : An analysis of historical and contemporary images of nursing and medicine
Article de revue

Protecting the Human Genome
    SASS Hans-Martin
    Journal of Medicine and Philosophy , 1998, 23 (3), pp. 227-341

    SASS Hans-Martin/ Why protect the Human Genome ?
    BYK Christian/ A map to a new Treasure Island : The Human Genome and the concept of common heritage
    BAYERTZ Kurt/ What's special about molecular genetic diagnostics ?
    CHADWICK Ruth/ HAVE Henk ten et al./ Genetic screening and ethics : European perspectives
    HOEDEMAEKERS Rogeer/ HAVE Henk ten/ Geneticization : The Cyprus paradigm
    SASS Hans-Martin/ Genotyping in clinical trials : Towards a principle of informed request
    LACHMANN Peter/ Public health and bioethics
    RICHTER Gerd/ BACCHETTA Matthew/ Interventions in the human genome : Moral and ethical considerations
    ELIZALDE Jose/ The patentability of human genes : An ethical debate in the European Community
    BOSHAMMER Susanne et al./ Discussing HUGO : The German debate on the ethical implications of the Human Genome Project
    UNESCO/ Universal declaration on the human genome and human rights

Concepts and methods in recent bioethics : Critical responses
    LUSTIG B. Andrew
    Journal of Medicine and Philosophy , 1998, 23 (5), pp. 445-545

    LUSTIG B. Andrew/ Concepts and methods in recent bioethics : critical responses
    VEATCH Robert/ Egalitarian and maximin theories of justice : Directed donation of organs for transplant
    COX WHITE Betty/ ZIMBELMAN Joel/ Abandoning informed consent : An idea whose time has not yet come
    HARPER William/ Judging who should live : Schneiderman and Jecker on the duty not to treat
    MCGRATH Pam/ Autonomy, discourse, and power : A postmodern reflection on principlism and bioethics
    FIELDING Helen/ Body measures : Phenomenological considerations of corporeal ethics

The President's Commission : The need to be more philosophical
Article de revue

Hume, Bioethics and Philosophy of Medicine
Article de revue

The Concealed and the Revealed : Bioethical Issues in Europe at the End of the Second Millenium
Article de revue

A Philosophical and Critical Analysis of the European Convention of Bioethics
Article de revue

Respecting, Protecting, Persons, Humans, and Conceptual Muddles in the Bioethics Convention
Article de revue

Human is What is Born of a Human : Personhood, Rationality, and an European Convention
Article de revue

The internal morality of medicine : Explication and application to managed care
Article de revue

A basic concept in the clinical ethics of managed care : Physicians and institutions as economically disciplined moral co-fiduciaries of populations of patients
Article de revue

Commodifying the polyvalent good of health care
Article de revue

Medicine and the market : A research agenda
Article de revue

The commodification of medical and health care : The moral consequences of a paradigm shift from a professional to a market ethic
Article de revue

The case for managed care
    Journal of Medicine and Philosophy , 1999, 24 (5), pp. 415-550

    KHUSHF George/ The case for managed care : Reappraising medical and socio-political ideals
    EPSTEIN Richard/ Managed care under siege
    ZOLOTH Laurie/ The best laid plans : Resistant community and the intrepid vision in the history of managed care
    DE VILLE Kenneth/ Managed care and the ethics of regulation
    AGICH George/ The importance of management for understanding managed care
    PEPPIN John/ Business ethics and health care : The reemerging institution-patient relationship

Bluffing, puffing and spinning in managed care organizations
Article de revue

Morality, religion and metaphysics : Diverse visions in bioethics
Article de revue

Good enough for the Third World
Article de revue

Of maize and men : reproductive control and the threat to genetic diversity
Article de revue

Mind-body dualism and the biopsychosocial model of pain : what did Descartes really say ?
Article de revue

Polymorphic medical ontologies : Fashioning concepts of health and disease
    CHERRY Mark
    Journal of Medicine and Philosophy , 2000, 25 (5), pp. 519-649

    CHERRY Mark/ Polymorphic medical ontologies : Fashioning concepts of disease
    DEVITO Scott/ On the value-neutrality of the concepts of health and disease : unto the breach again
    RUDNICK Abraham/ The ends of medical intervention and the demarcation of the normal from the pathological
    ERDE Edmund/ On values, professionalism and nosology : an essay with late commentary on essays by DeVito and Rudnick
    SADEGH-ZADEH Kazem/ Fuzzy health, illness, and disease
    NORDENFELT Lennart/ On the place of fuzzy health in medical theory

Reductionism and holism in medicine
    SCHAFFNER Kenneth
    Journal of Medicine and Philosophy , 1981, 6 (2), pp. 93-235

    SCHAFFNER Kenneth/ Introduction
    ENGEL George/ The clinical application of the biopsychosocial model
    HULL David/ Reduction and genetics
    ZUCKER Arthur/ Holism and reductionism : A view from genetics
    MAULL Nancy/ The practical science of medicine
    MUNSON Ronald/ Why medicine cannot be a science
    KOPELMAN Loretta/ MOSKOP John/ The holistic health movement : A survey and critique

Embodiment and rehabilitation : Erwin W. M. Straus in memoriam. Part I : Embodiment
Article de revue
    SPICKER Stuart F. ; PELLEGRINO Edmund D.
    Journal of Medicine and Philosophy , 1984, 9 (1), pp. 7-62

    COHEN Avner/ Descartes, consciousness, and depersonalization : Viewing the history of philosophy from a Strausian perspective
    LEDER Drew/ Medicine and paradigms of embodiment
    YOUNG Iris Marion/ Pregnant embodiment : Subjectivity and alienation

Embodiment and rehabilitation : Erwin W. M. Straus in memoriam. Part II : Rehabilitation
Article de revue

Michel Foucault and the philosophy of medicine
Article de revue
    Journal of Medicine and Philosophy , 1987, 12 (4), pp. 309-411

    RAWLINSON Mary/ Introduction
    DREYFUS Hubert/ Foucault's critique of psychiatric medicine
    SCOTT Charles/ The power of medicine, the power of ethics
    CASEY Edward/ The place of space in "The birth of the clinic"
    SPITZACK Carole/ Confession and signification : the systematic inscription of body consciousness
    RAWLINSON Mary/ Foucault's strategy : Knowledge, power, and the specification of truth
    SPICKER Stuart/ An introduction to the medical epistemology of Georges Canguilhem : Moving beyond Michel Foucault

Biological research and reality
Article de revue
    SPICKER Stuart F.
    Journal of Medicine and Philosophy , 1990, 15 (5), pp. 449-557

    GUTTENTAG Otto/ SPICKER Stuart/ Introduction to the theme
    PORTMANN Adolph/ On the uniqueness of biological research
    VON UEXKUELL Thure/ The unity of the natural sciences : Comment on Portmann
    CORNELL John/ Faustian phenomena : Teleology in Goethe's interpretation of plants and animals
    SULLIVAN Mark/ Reconsidering the wisdom of the body : An epistemological critique of Claude Bernard's concept of internal environment
    LEVIN David Michael/ SOLOMON George/ The discursive formation of the body in the history of medicine
    STENT Gunther/ The poverty of neurophilosophy

Getting down to cases : The revival of casuistry in bioethics
Article de revue

Clinical judgment and bioethics : The decision making link
Article de revue

Teaching clinical ethics in the residency years : Preparing competent professionals
Article de revue

American moralism and the origin of bioethics in the United States
Article de revue

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