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Bioethics and social reality
    Rodopi , 2005, 180 p.
    Cote : 2.1/HAY/2005

    HAYRY Matti et al./ Introduction : The social reality of bioethics
    LESSER Harry/ 1. The case of back-street abortion
    SCHROEDER Doris/ 2. Suicide, self-sacrifice, and the duty to die
    HAYRY Matti/ 3. Forget autonomy and give me freedom !
    JONAS Monique/ 4. Choosing between claims : allocating parental responsibility in surrogacy disputes
    TAKALA Tuija/ 5. The many wrongs of human reproductive cloning
    IRVING Louise/ 6. The problem of intangibles
    GARRARD Eve et al./ 7. Mind the gap : the use of empirical evidence in bioethics
    DAWSON Angus/ 8. Informed consent : bioethical ideal and empirical reality
    HOLM Soren/ 9. What empirical bioethics can learn from empirical business ethics
    KILPI Jukka/ 10. On corporate ethical responsibility, stakeholder value, and strict liability in biotechnology
    LUCAS Peter/ 11. Perspectivism in risk management
    WOODS Simon/ 12. Moral progress
    SHEEHAN Mark/ 13. Healthcare and (a kind of) virtue ethics
    HERISSONE-KELLY Peter/ 14. Bioethics, rights-based consequentialism, and social reality

Scratching the surface of bioethics
    HAYRY Matti ; TAKALA Tuija
    Rodopi , 2003, 148 p.
    Cote : 2.1/HAY/2003

    HAYRY Matti et al./ Introduction : What is bioethics all about ? A start
    BENNETT Rebecca et al./ 1. The relevance of empirical research to bioethics : reviewing the debate
    LEVITT Mairi/ 2. Better together ? Sociological and philosophical perspectives on bioethics
    TAKALA Tuija/ 3. The role of sense and sensibility in bioethics
    GARRARD Eve et al./ 4. Does bioethics need moral theory ?
    HOLM Soren/ 5. "Parity of reasoning" arguments in bioethics - some methodological considerations
    LESSER Harry/ 6. Anne Mclean's criticism of bioethics
    HERISSONE-KELLY Peter/ 7. The principlist approach to bioethics, and its stormy journey overseas
    ERIN Charles/ 8. Who needs "the four principles"?
    HAYRY Matti/ 9. Do bioscientists need professional ethics ?
    HARRIS John/ 10. Pro-life and anti-life : the problematic claims of pro-life positions in ethics
    VEHMAS Simo/ 11. The grounds for preventing impairments :a critique
    SHEEHAN Mark/ 12. Deflating autonomy
    BARROW Paul/ 13. Autonomy : overworked and under-valued

Life, death, and subjectivity : moral sources in bioethics
    HOOFT Stan van
    Rodopi , 2004, 239 p.
    Cote : 2.1/HOO/2004

    This book presents an exploration of concepts central to health care practice. In exploring such concepts as subjectivity, life, personhood, and death in deep philosophical terms, the book aims to draw out the ethical demands that arise when we encounter these phenomena, and also the moral resources of health care workers for meeting those demands.

Ethics in biomedical research : International perspectives
    Rodopi , 2007, 248 p.
    Cote : 18.7/HAY/2007

    CAPRON Alexander Morgan/ Foreword : Why bother with ethics in biomedical research ?
    HAYRY Matti et al./ Introduction : Development, research, and vulnerability
    Part One. Facts, fears, and hopes concerning development
    BENATAR Solomon/ 1. New perspectives on international research ethics
    HAYRY Matti/ 2. Some current issues in the ethics of biomedical research and their background in the protection of the dignity and autonomy of the vulnerable
    LUNA Florencia/ 3. Bioethics and biomedicine : developing countries' perspective
    PESSINI Leo et al./ 4. Brazilian research ethics : a North-South dialogue aiming to build a new culture of respect
    AMONDI WASUNNA Angela/ 5. Who sets the agenda for health research in developing countries ? A call for more community involvement
    Par Two. Research and technology as answers and as questions
    MACER Darryl/ 6. Ethical aspects in introducing genetically modified organisms for public health purposes
    PARKER Michael et al./ 7. The ethical review of research into rare genetic disorders
    TONG Rosemarie/ 8. Ongoing and emerging biomedical research issues at the beginning of life : United States perspectives
    HANSEN Bart et al./ 9. Human stem cell research as a promising hope for humankind : a Christian-ethical contribution
    YUDIN Boris/ 10. Interrelations between bioethics and ethics of biotechnology
    Part Three. Vulnerability, power, and responsibility
    FRANCIS Leslie et al./ 11. Infectious disease and the ethics of research : the moral significance of communicability
    DE CASTRO Leonardo/ 12. Is there a duty to serve as research subjects ?
    LOURDES CAMPOS PAVONE ZOBOLI Elma/ 13. Vulnerability in biomedical research : a framework for analysis
    PATRAO DO CEU NEVES Maria/ 14. New vulnerabilities raised by biomedical research
    LEAVITT Franck/ 15. How to save the world : some alternatives to biomedical research

Bioethics and vulnerability : A Latin American view
    LUNA Florencia
    Rodopi , 2006, 177 p.
    Cote : 2.3.2/LUN/2006

    1. Latin American bioethics : some reflections
    2. Cases and casuistry
    3. Respect for persons and the illiterate
    4. Internal reasons and abortion
    5. To procreate or not to procreate ? AIDS and reproductive rights
    6. Assisted reproduction and local experiences : women and context in Latin America
    7. Social science research and respect for persons
    8. AIDS, research, and acceptable codes
    9. Ongoing controversies
    10. Corruption

Values and powers : Re-reading the philosophical tradition of American pragmatism
    SKOWRONSKI Krzysztof Piotr
    Rodopi , 2009, 202 p.
    Cote : 0.2/SKO/2009

    Introduction. Values and powers in a philosophical context
    Part one. Proto-pragmatic approach to values and powers
    1. A prelude to American pragmatism. Transcendentalism as "the power of thought and of will"
    2. Charles S. Peirce's pragmaticism and the revaluation of thinking on values and powers
    Part two. Pragmatic approach to values and powers
    3. The axiology of pragmatic metaphysics. The powers of men in William James
    4. Loyalty to a worthy cause and provincialism as "saving power" in Josiah Royce
    5. John Dewey and the might of democratic values
    6. Democracy and exclusion in pragmatic aesthetics (Dewey, Shusterman, Margolis)
    7. Evaluative character of social interactions in George Herbert Mead
    8. Richard Rorty's liberal democracy and the limits of cultural imperialism
    Part three. Quasi-pragmatic approach to values and powers
    9. Powers and perfections in George Santayana's Abulensean pragmatism

Arguments and analysis in bioethics
    HAYRY Matti ; TAKALA Tuija ; HERISSONE-KELLY Peter ; et al.
    Rodopi , 2010, 304 p.
    Cote : 2.1/HAY/2010

    HELLSTEN Sirkku Kristiina/ 1. Global bioethics and "erroneous reason" : fallacies across the borders
    HOLM Soren/ 2. Is bioethics only for the rich and powerful ?
    GIORDANO Simona/3. Do we need (bio)ethical principles ?
    SCHROEDER Doris et al./ 4. Bioethics and Stephen Toulmin's argumentation theory
    LESSER Harry/ 5. The use of examples in bioethics
    LESSER Harry/ 6. Moral intuitions in bioethics
    DAWSON Angus/ 7. Toward the "fair use" of empirical evidence in ethical arguments : vaccination, MMR and disagreement
    SCHULTE Cathleen/ 8. An assessment of the normal function model and implications for enhancement
    WILKINSON Stephen/ 9. On the distinction between positive and negative eugenics
    SCOTT Niall/ 10. Genetic fallacy and some other concerns in behavioral genetics
    SCOTT Niall/11. Eugenics : enhancing individuals or populations ?
    SMAJDOR Anna/ 12. Harm, law and reproductive cloning
    HAYRY Matti/ 13. An analysis of some arguments for and against human reproduction
    OULTRAM Stuart/ 14. Does the baby selling objection to commercial surrogacy misuse Immanuel Kant ?
    MCMILLAN John/ 15. Prozac, authenticity, and the Aristotelian mean
    TOMASINI Floris/ 16. The case of self-demand amputees : a dilemma for professional ethics ?
    SHEEHAN Mark/ 17. Enzyme replacement therapy and the rule of rescue
    LUCAS Peter/ 18. Is "therapeutic research" a misnomer ?
    BORTOLOTTI Lisa/ 19. Can the subject-of-a-life criterion help grant rights to non-persons ?
    WILSON Jane/ 20. Determining the limits of justified paternalism : is maximizing autonomy the key ?
    VEHMAS Simo/ 21. The who or what of Steve : severe cognitive impairment and its implications

Cutting through the surface : Philosophical approaches to bioethics
    Rodopi , 2009, 258 p.
    Cote : 2.1/TAK/2009

    1. What is bioethics and where should it be going ?
    2. How to do bioethics ?
    3. Dignity, precaution, and solidarity
    4. Tests and experiments
    5. Rationality, morality, and reproduction
    6. Philosophical responses to enhancements


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