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Birthrights : Law and Ethics at the beginnings of life
    LEE Robert ; MORGAN Derek
    Routledge , 1989, 222 p.
    Cote : RL E 704

    Essays aimed at the student and lay person alike, seeking to challenge the ethical basis for much of the legal regulation of matters surrounding birth. Discussion of such issues as whether pregnancy and birth yield rights or have deeper meaning respecting the reproductive identity of the woman; the basic incapacity of courts and judges to deal with such powerful biological matters; and what do we tell the children born from these biomedical marvels.

Sexual moralities in France, 1780-1980 : New ideas on the family, divorce and homosexuality : An essay on moral change
    COPLEY Antony
    Routledge , 1992, 283 p.
    Cote : RL E 1138

    The first history of modern France to explore the long-term origins of the libertarian revolt.

The doctor, the patient and the group : Balint revisited

Creative Morality

Worlds of Illness : Biographical and Cultural Perspectives on Health and Disease
    RADLEY Alan
    Routledge , 1995, 205 p.
    Cote : 5.2/RAD/1995

    This book examines people's experience of illness and their understanding of what it means to be healthy. It brings together contributors from a variety of fields who use a biographic and cultural approach. It emphasizes the need to understand illness in terms of the patient's own interpretation, its onset, the course of its progress and the potential of the treatment for the condition.

Genetic counselling : Practice and principles

The patient in the family : An ethics of medicine and families

Foucault, health and medicine

Playing God ? Genetic determinism and human freedom
    PETERS Ted
    Routledge , 1997, 218 p.
    Cote : 15.11/PET/1997

    Appendix A : CTNS statement on the gay gene discovery (CTNS: Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences, Graduate Theological Union)
    Appendix B : Playing God with David Heyd

Bioethics, Culture and Identity : A Philosophical Disease

Stories matter : The role of narrative in medical ethics
    CHARON Rita ; MONTELLO Martha
    Routledge , 2002, 242 p.
    Cote : 3.1/CHA/2002

    I. Narrative knowledge
    BRUNER Jerome/ 1. Narratives of human plight : a conversation with Jerome Bruner
    BOOTH Wayne/ 2. The ethics of medicine, as revealed in literature
    ZOLOTH Laurie et al./ 3. Like an open book : reliability, intersubjectivity, and textuality
    II. Narrative components of bioethics
    LINDEMANN NELSON Hilde/ 4. Context : backward, sideways, and forward
    POIRIER Suzanne/ 5. Voice in the medical narrative
    CHARON Rita/ 6. Time and ethics
    HUNSAKER HAWKINS Anne/ 7. The idea of character
    CHAMBERS Tod et al./ 8. Plot : framing contingency and choice in bioethics
    ANDERSON Charles et al./ 9. The reader's response and why it matters in biomedical ethics
    III. Case studies in narrative ethics
    ROBINSON Walter/ 10. The narrative of rescue in pediatric practice
    RUBIN Susan/ 11. Beyond the authoritative voice : casting a wide net in ethics consultation
    DAY CHILDRESS Marcia/ 12. Of symbols and silence : using narrative and its interpretation to foster physician understanding
    MARTINEZ Richard/ 13. Narrative understanding and methods in psychiatry and behavioral health
    CONNELLY Julia/ 14. In the absence of narrative
    IV. Consequences of using narrative methods
    BRODY Howard/ 15. Narrative ethics and institutional impact
    LANTOS John/ 16. Reconsidering action : day-to-day ethics in the work of medicine
    HUDSON JONES Anne/ 17. The color of the wallpaper : training for narrative ethics
    V. The narrative future of ethics practice
    CARSON Ronald/ 18. The hyphenated space : liminality in the doctor-patient relationship
    CHURCHILL Larry/ 19. Narrative ethics, gene stories, and the hermeneutics
    MORRIS David/ 20. Narrative, ethics, and pain : thinking with stories
    TRAUTMANN BANKS Joanne/ 21. The story inside

Moral responsibility : The ways of scepticism
    MOYA Carlos
    Routledge , 2006, 233 p.
    Cote : 0.3/MOY/2006

    Introduction : scepticism about moral responsibility (SMR)
    1. Determinism and alternative possibilities (SMR's premises A and B)
    2. Alternative possibilities and moral responsibility (SMR's premises B)
    3. Moral responsibility and control (SMR's premise B)
    4. Indeterminism and moral responsibility (SMR's premise C)
    5. Overcoming scepticism ? Belief and moral responsibility

Practical reasoning and ethical decision
    AUDI Robert
    Routledge , 2006, 249 p.
    Cote : 0.3/AUD/2006

    This book presents an account of practical reasoning as a process that can explain action, connect reasoning with intention, justify practical judgments, and provide a basis for ethical decisions.
    The first part of the book is a detailed critical overview of the influential theories of practical reasoning found in Aristotle, Hume and Kant. The second part examines practical reasoning in the light of important topics in moral psychology - weakness of will, self-deception, rationalization, and others. The third part describes the role of moral principles in practical reasoning and clarifies the way practical reasoning underlies ethical decisions. Audi formulates a comprehensive set of concrete ethical principles, explains how they apply to reasoning about what to do, and shows how practical reasoning guides moral conduct.

Research ethics
    Routledge , 2006, 181 p.
    Cote : 18.7/SMI/2006

    SMITH ILTIS Ana/ 1. Human subjects research : ethics and compliance
    GRADY Christine/ 2. Ethics of vaccine research
    PARKER Lisa/ MATUKAITIS BROYLES Lauren/ 3. Ethical issues in the conduct of genetic research
    MAGILL Gerard/ 4. Embryonic stem cell research and human therapeutic cloning : maintaining the ethical tension between respect and research
    SMITH ILTIS Ana/ 5. Conducting and terminating randomized controlled trials
    DUBOIS James/ 6. Ethics in behavioral and social science research
    KOPELMAN Loretta/ 7. When should research with infants, children, or adolescents be permitted ?
    RESNIK David/ 8. Biomedical research in the developing world : ethical issues and dilemmas
    CHERRY Mark/ 9. Financial conflicts of interest and the human passion to innovate
    TROTTER Griffin/ 10. Interpreting scientific data ethically : a frontier for research ethics

Moral boundaries : A political argument for an ethic of care
    TRONTO Joan C.
    Routledge , 1994, 226 p.
    Cote : 0.3/TRO/1994

    Part one: Introduction
    1. Moral boundaries and political change
    Part two : Against "women's morality"
    2. Universalistic morality and moral sentiments
    3. Is morality gendered ?
    Part three : For an ethic of care
    4. Care
    5. An ethic of care
    6. Care and political theory

Citizenship and the ethics of care : Feminist considerations on justice, morality and politics
    Routledge , 1998, 198 p.
    Cote : 0.3/SEV/1998

    1. "Has head, hands, feet and heart"
    2. The morality of feminism
    3. Paradoxes of gender : ethical and epistemological perspectives on care in feminist political theory
    4. Care and justice in the public debate on child custody
    5. Feminist ethics and public health-care policies : a case-study on the Netherlands

Narrative identity and moral identity : A practical perspective
    ATKINS Kim
    Routledge , 2008, 175 p.
    Cote : 0.3/ATK/2008

    Introduction : narrative identity and moral identity
    1. Locke, Hume and Kant on selfhood
    2. The ambiguity of embodiment : first- and third-personal perspectives
    3. Intersubjectivity and the second-personal perspective
    4. The embodied self and narrative identity
    5. Narrative identity and the ethical perspective
    6. Practical wisdom and moral exceptionality
    7. Autonomy competency and narrative competency

Ethics and values in health care management

Arguing about disability : Philosophical perspectives
    Routledge , 2009, 224 p.
    Cote : 7.7.4/KRI/2009

    VEHMAS Simo et al./ Introduction : the unavoidable alliance of disability studies and philosophy
    Part I. Metaphysics
    SMITH Steven/ 1. Social justice and disability : competing interpretations of the medical and social models
    EDWARDS Steven/ 2. Definitions of disability : ethical and other values
    VEHMAS Simo et al./ 3. The ontology of disability and impairment : a discussion of the natural and social features
    LEACH SCULLY Jackie/ 4. Disability and the thinking body
    Part II. Political philosophy
    IKAHEIMO Heikki/ 5. Personhood and the social inclusion of people with disabilities : a recognition-theoretical approach
    HULL Richard/ 6. Disability and freedom
    BICKENBACH Jerome/ 7. Disability, non-talent and distributive justice
    TAKALA Tuija/ 8. Gender, disability and personal identity : moral and political problems in community thinking
    Part III. Ethics
    KERMIT Patrick/ 9. Cochlear implants, linguistic rights and "open future" arguments
    HAYRY Matti/ 10. The moral contestedness of selecting "deaf embryos"
    BROWN Lindsey/ 11. The role of medical experts in shaping disability law
    SOLBERG Berge/ 12. Prenatal screening for Down syndrome : why we shouldn't ?
    REEVE Donna/ 13. Biopolitics and bare life : does the impaired body provide contemporary examples of homo sacer ?

Disability rights and wrongs
    Routledge , 2006, 232 p.
    Cote : 7.7.4/SHA/2006

    1. Introduction
    Part I. Conceptualising disability
    2. The family of social approaches
    3. Critiquing the social model
    4. Disability : a complex interaction
    5. Labels and badges : the politics of disability identity
    Part II. Disability and bioethics
    6. Questioning prenatal diagnosis
    7. Just around the corner : the quest for cure
    8. Autonomy at the end of life
    Part III. The social relations of disability
    9. Care, support and assistance
    10. Disability rights and the future of charity
    11. Love, friendship, intimacy
    12. The role of non-disabled people in the world of disability
    13. Concluding thoughts

Risk, vulnerability and everyday life
    Routledge , 2010, 125 p.
    Cote : 43.1/WIL/2010

    1. Sociology in a world of risk
    2. The history of risk
    3. Risk and social theory
    4. Risk in social context
    5. The danger of risk
    6. Our futures at risk

Governance of HIV/AIDS : Making participation and accountability count
    HARMAN Sophie ; LISK Franklyn
    Routledge , 2009, 194 p.
    Cote : 29.13/HAR/2009

    HARMAN Sophie/ Introduction. Governance of the HIV/AIDS response : Making participation and accountability count
    Part 1. Role of the state and democratic governance in the HIV/AIDS response
    CHIRAMBO Kondwani/ 1. AIDS, politics and governance : the impact of HIV/AIDS on the electoral process in Namibia, Malawi, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia
    SUTHERLAND Dylan/ 2. Economic and social inequalities and HIV/AIDS in China : implications for policy and governance
    Part 2. Non-state actors, popular participation and mechanisms of accountable governance
    POTTS Helen/ 3. Accountability and the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health
    HAYES Shannon/ The home-based care alliance in Kenya : improving governance and transforming communities in the context of HIV/AIDS
    Part 3. Partnerships : public-private, formal and informal networks
    HANDLEY Antoinette/ 5. Business and the governance of HIV/AIDS in South Africa
    LISK Franklyn/ 6. The private sector and governance of the HIV/AIDS response
    Part 4. Global governance and multisectoralism
    HATENDI-GUTU Felicity/ 7. Institutional participation, accountability and transparency in the HIV/AIDS response : a case for Zimbabwe
    HARMAN Sophie/ 8. The causes, contours and consequences of the multisectorial response to HIV/AIDS
    LISK Franklyn/ Conclusion : challenge and innovation in governance of HIV/AIDS

Impairment and disability : law and ethics at the beginning and end of life
    MCLEAN Sheila A. M. ; WILLIAMSON Laura
    Routledge , 2007, 207 p.
    Cote : 7.7.4/MCL/2007

    1. Life, death, disability and impairment in context
    2. Conceptualising disability
    3. Towards ethical cohesion
    4. Decisions at the beginning of life
    5. Decisions at the end of life
    6. Seeking assistance in dying
    7. Countering discrimination against the "disabled" : what good are ethics and law ?

The ethics of care and empathy
    SLOTE Michael
    Routledge , 2007, 133 p.
    Cote : 0.12/SLO/2007

    1. Caring based in empathy
    2. Our obligations to help others
    3. Deontology
    4. Autonomy and empathy
    5. Care ethics vs. liberalism
    6. Social justice
    7. Caring and rationality

Philosophy of love, sex and marriage : An introduction
    HALWANI Raja
    Routledge , 2010, 334 p.
    Cote : 35.1/HAL/2010

    Part I. Love
    1. What is love ? 2. Romantic love 3. The basis of romantic love 4. Love and morality
    Part II. Sex
    5. What is sex ? 6. Sex, pleasure and morality 7. Sexual objectification 8. Sexual perversion and fantasy
    Part III. Marriage
    9. What is marriage ? 10. Controversies over same-sex marriage

On death and dying : What the dying have to teach doctors, nurses, clergy and their own families (40th anniversary edition)
    KUBLER-ROSS Elisabeth
    Routledge , 2009, 240 p.
    Cote : 22.4.1/KUB/2009

    I. On the fear of death
    II. Attitudes toward death and dying
    III. first stage : denial and isolation
    IV. Second stage : anger
    V. Third stage : bargaining
    VI. Fourth stage : depression
    VII. Fifth stage : acceptance
    VIII. Hope
    IX. The patient's family
    X. Some interviews with terminally ill patients
    XI. Reactions to the Seminar on death and dying
    XII. Therapy with the terminally ill

Action research in teaching and learning : A practical guide to conducting pedagogical research in universities

Mental health ethics : The human context
    BARKER Phil
    Routledge , 2011, 378 p.
    Cote : 17.2.2/BAR/2011

    1. Ethics and mental health 2. The professional context 3. Care and treatment 4. The human context 5. The leagl context 6. The ideological context

Biomedical research and beyond : Expanding the ethics of inquiry


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