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Concepts and methods
    Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics , 1998, 19 (6), pp. 507-644

    THOMASMA David/ KIMSMA Gerrit/ VAN LEEUWEN Evert/ Editorial
    KUCZEWSKI Mark/ Casuistry and principlism : The convergence of method in biomedical ethics
    KRAKAUER Eric/ Prescriptions : Autonomy, humanism and the purpose of health technology
    JHA S.R./ The tacit-explicit connection : Polanyian integrative philosophy and a neo-Polanyian medical epistemology
    DE VILLE Kenneth/ Act first and look up the law afterward ? : Medical malpractice and the ethics of defensive medicine
    PHILIPPE P./ MANSI O./ Nonlinearity in the epidemiology of complex health and disease processes
    LINDAHL B.I.B. et al./ Credit for discoveries : Citation data as a basis for history of science analysis
    FOSS Laurence/ The Nobel Prize and the biomedical paradigm : Is it time for a change ?

What the philosophy of medicine is
Article de revue

An analysis of "dignity"
Article de revue

Whose consent is it anyway ? A poststructuralist framing of the person in medical decision-making
Article de revue

A broader look at medical futility
Article de revue

The troublesome concept of the person
Article de revue

Faulty judgement, expert opinion, and decision-making capacity
Article de revue

Hermeneutics and the philosophy of medicine : Hans-Georg Gadamer's platonic metaphor.
Article de revue

Defining death persons and human organisms
Article de revue

Ethical issues in neurografting of human embryonic cells
Article de revue

Technology in Medicine
    WILLEMS Dick ; VOS Rein
    Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics , 2000, 21 (1), pp. 1-115

    VOS Rein, WILLEMS Dick/ Technology in Medicine : Ontology, Epistemology, Ethics and Social Philosophy at the Crossroads
    MOL Annemarie/ What Diagnostic Devices Do : The Case of Blood Sugar Measurement
    WILLEMS Dick/ Managing One's Body Using Self-Management Techniques : Practicing Autonomy
    HORSTMAN Klasien/ Technology and the Management of Trust in Insurance Medicine
    AKRICH Madeleine, PASVEER Bernike/ Multiplying Obstetrics : Techniques of Surveillance and Forms of Coordination
    SCHAFFNER Kenneth/ Medical Informatics and the Concept of Disease
    VAN DER WILT Gert Jan, REUZEL Rob, BANTA David/ The Ethics of Assessing Health Technologies

Can life be evaluated ? The Jewish Halachic approach vs. the quality of life approach in medical ethics : A critical view
Article de revue

Why the practice of medicine is not a phronetic activity
Article de revue

Hermeneutics of clinical practice : The question of textuality
Article de revue

A synthetic approach to bioethical inquiry
Article de revue

Moral and metaphysical reflections on multiple personality disorder
Article de revue

The virtues in their place : Virtue ethics in medicine
Article de revue

Physician-assisted suicide in the United States : The underlying factors in technology, health care and palliative medicine. Part one (suivi de:) Part two
Article de revue

Professional autonomy in health care
    Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics , 2000, 21 (5), pp. 405-513

    JOCHEMSEN Henk/ TEN HAVE Henk/ The autonomy of the health professional : an introduction
    STUART HORNER J./ Autonomy in the medical profession in the United Kingdom - an historical perspective
    NYS Herman/ SCHOTSMAN Paul/ Professional autonomy in Belgium
    SACCHINI Dario/ ANTICO Leonardo/ The professional autonomy of the medical doctor in Italy
    HOOGLAND Jan/ JOCHEMSEN Henk/ Professional autonomy and the normative structure of medical practice
    POLDER Johan/ JOCHEMSEN Henk/ Professional autonomy in the health care system
    DUPUIS H.M./ Professional autonomy : a stumbling block for good medical practice. An analysis and interpretation
    TEN HAVE Henk/ Re-evaluating professional autonomy in health care

A pathological view of disease
Article de revue

Health of organisms and health of persons : an embedded instrumentalist approach
Article de revue

Decision-making through dialogue : Reconfiguring autonomy in genetic counseling

Nihilism, relativism, and Engelhardt

Ethics and imagination : Implications of cognitive semantics for medical ethics
Article de revue

The crumbling foundations of medical ethics
Critique de livre
    CAMPBELL Courtney
    Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics , 1998, 19 (2), pp. 143-152

    A partir des trois ouvrages suivants:
    * Peter Singer. Rethinking life and death : The collapse of our traditional ethics, 1995
    * H. Tristram Engelhardt. The foundations of bioethics, 1996
    * Jonathan Moreno. Deciding together : Bioethics and moral consensus, 1995

Why should medicine consider a theory of practice ? Introduction to the issue
Article de revue

Steps towards a theory of medical practice
Article de revue

Incurable suffering from the "hiatus theoreticus" ? Some epistemological problems in modern medicine and the clinical relevance of philosophy of medicine
Article de revue

The significance of prognosis for a theory of medical practice
Article de revue

Medical ethics research between theory and practice
Article de revue

Hermeneutics and experiences of the body. The case of low back pain
Article de revue

Paradigm changes in organ transplantation
Article de revue
    SCHAFFNER Kenneth ; STARZL Thomas
    Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics , 1998, 19 (5), pp. 423-504

    THOMASMA Dave/ KIMSMA Gerrit/ VEN LEEUWEN Evert/ Editorial
    SCHAFFNER Kenneth/ Paradigm changes in organ transplantation : A journey toward selflessness ?
    STARZL Thomas/ DEMETRIS Anthony/ Transplantation tolerance, microchimerism, and the two-way paradigm
    TAUBER Alfred/ Conceptual shifts in immunology : Comments on the "two-way paradigm"
    COHN Melvin/ The self-nonself discrimination in the context of function
    TAUBER Alfred/ Response to Melvin Cohn : How Cohn's two signal model was turned
    COHN Malvin/ A reply to Tauber

Ethical, legal, and medical issues in caring for the demented elderly
    Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics , 1999, 20 (1), pp. 1-95

    ANTUONO Piero/ BEYER Jan/ The burden of dementia : A medical and research perspective
    KUCZEWSKI Mark/ Ethics in long-term care : Are the principles different ?
    WEISSMAN David/ MATSON Sandra/ Pain assessment and management in the long-term care setting
    SHAPIRO Robyn/ In re Edna MF : Case law confusion in surrogate decision making
    DERSE Arthur/ Making decisions about life-sustaining medical treatment in patients with dementia : The problem of patient decision-making capacity
    LANDRY Lorraine/ Normativity, guardianship, and the elderly : Some lessons from Canadian legislation
    OLSON Mary/ "The heart still beat, but the brain doesn't answer" : Perception and experience of old-age dementia in the Milwaukee Hmong community

The limits of medical practice
Article de revue

Moral perception and the pursuit of medical philosophy
Article de revue

Paradigms and personhood : A deepening of the dilemmas in ethics and medical ethics
Article de revue

Research ethics committees : A regional approach
Article de revue

On disability and illness. A reply to Edwards
Article de revue

The role of science in medicine
Article de revue

The dream of consensus : Finding common ground in a bioethical context
Article de revue

Assisted suicide, suffering and the meaning of a life
Article de revue

Clinical specificity and the non-generalities of science
Article de revue

The concept of abnormality in medical genetics
Article de revue

Nosology and causal necessity : The relation between defining a disease and discovering its necessary cause
Article de revue

Towards an Alternative Approach to Personhood in the End-of-Life Questions
Article de revue

"Watching" Medicine : Do Bioethics Respect Patients' Privacy ?
Article de revue

The Biomedical Disciplines and the Structure of Biomedical and Clinical Knowledge
Article de revue

Dualism and its Importance for Medicine
Article de revue

    KISSELL Judith Lee ; SCHEIRTON Linda
    Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics , 2001, 22(1), pp. 1-64

    KISSELL Judith Lee/ Embodiment : An Introduction
    BLOCK Betty, KISSELL Judith Lee/ The Dance : Essence of Embodiment
    EVANS Martin/ The "Medical Body" as Philosophy's Arena
    DUDZINSKI Denise/ The Diving Bell Meets the Butterfly : Identity Lost and Re-Membered
    COSANS Chris/ The Embodiment of Birth

Theory and the practice of bioethics
    LONDON Alex John
    Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics , 2001, 22 (2), pp. 65-150

    LONDON Alex John/ Editor's introduction : Theory and engagement in bioethics
    ARRAS John/ Freestanding pragmatism in law and bioethics
    LONDON Alex John/ The independence of practical ethics
    LINDEMANN NELSON James/ Knowledge, authority and identity : A prolegomenon to an epistemology of the clinic
    CHAMBERS Tod/ Theory and the organic bioethicist
    KUCZEWSKI Mark/ The epistemology of communautarian bioethics : Traditions in the public debates

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